Why You Should Change Your Sheets to Flannel

There are numerous reasons why you should change your sheets to flannel. Flannel sheets have long been a favourite due to their soft texture and sturdiness. What is it about flannel that makes homeowners prefer them as a bedsheet? Flannel is soft and warm and does not irritate the skin. It is also breathable, more affordable and low maintenance.

Soft and warm

Flannel sheets are soft and warm because it was created by combining wool and other synthetic fibres that have been brushed with a fine-tooth wire comb that increased their softness. The fine-tooth wire comb elevated microscopic fibres to the surface of the sheet, resulting in a soft, warm span of material. Since flannelette sheets are soft, people with skin diseases such as eczema benefit a lot from using them because it does not irritate but rather soothe the skin.

However, people who sleep hot or suffer from night sweats should avoid using flannel since the fabric and material are warm. This is the reason why most people prefer to use them during winter or the colder seasons. It will keep you warm but will not cause you to wake up because you are overly hot and sweaty.


Flannel is a breathable fabric that wicks sweat. Despite being thicker than cotton sheets, the technique of weaving flannel mixes together allows for air circulation. Since flannel sheets are warmer than cotton sheets, they have moisture-wicking characteristics that prevent them from becoming damp from sweat since it is a very absorbent material.

Change Your Sheets to Flannel
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Maintaining a budget and avoiding spending large amounts of money on little items is critical to a person’s lifestyle in a culture where the price of things is always rising but incomes are not. Since flannel is less expensive because it’s based on weight rather than thread count, many people turn to flannel since it is an economical choice. It is a popular choice during colder winter months because not only does flannel stimulates body heat, but it also traps heat in the sheets to keep you warm all night.

Low maintenance

Flannel sheets are also low maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine at any temperature, from ice cold to hot, and will not be damaged. The textiles that make up a flannel sheet also help it to dry unwrinkled, whether dried in a dryer or preferably on a clothesline to avoid pilling. Wrinkles are also nearly impossible to form even after being folded and stored.

To avoid colour bleeding, it is recommended that you wash your flannel bed sheets with 1/2 cup vinegar to the load on the first wash. Avoid using fabric softener also since it stiffens the fabric and contributes to pilling. To avoid wear and tear even if you prefer using your flannel bed sheet constantly, have two or three-bed sheets that you could interchange.

Flannel bed sheets are available in a number of patterns and at different prices. No matter what your budget is, you could find one that suits your preference, no matter what your budget is.

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