Why Should You Outsource BPO Services For Your Telecom Company?

Great customer service is essential for every business. And the telecom industry is not an exception. It is considered pivotal to create a competitive edge in this dynamic telecommunication market. Experts say that the growing demand for connectivity and the need for handling security concerns have compelled telecom companies to outsource telecom BPO services in US. Seeking help from third-party agencies, they find it easier to stay focused on their core activities. However, there are plenty of other reasons that force telecom companies to think about customer service outsourcing.

Telecom BPO market overview

According to a Verified Market Research report, the telecom BPO market was valued at USD 19.26 billion in 2020. The market is expected to hit USD 24.50 billion by the year 2028. During this period, the compound annual growth rate is estimated to be at around 3.05%. The report even states that the decrease in operational costs and the increasing competitive advantage have stimulated many telecom companies to avail of BPO services. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that the BPO industry plays a substantial role in the market.

What makes telecom companies consider BPO services?

A well-structured and certified telecom BPO agency provides cost-effective services to companies offering telecommunications, wifi, broadband internet, cable connection, etc. Moreover, these smart telecom organizations provide high-quality output, data security, and exceptional customer support. Here’s a list of a few compelling reasons for these telecom companies to outsource customer support.

  1. Operational efficiency:

    Every important task needs to be handled by professional and experienced individuals. This helps attain accuracy and high speed. Hence, telecom organizations think about outsourcing their non-core functions so that their internal employees can spend more time on other important activities.

    Outsourcing helps employees to pay attention to the specific departments that contribute a lot to the growth of the telecom business. These include optimizing marketing strategies, introducing new business models, infrastructure investments, decision-making, etc. Undoubtedly, these practices help the telecom business to improve its operational efficiencies and enhance its core competencies.

  2. Scalability:

    Another reason to count on telecom BPO services in US is to gain high scalability. Every business wants to maintain consistency in its services so as to retain its customers and experience constant growth. Moreover, they always desire to grow without hampering their structure or resources when faced with increased production. Hence, the only way to satisfy these needs and attain sustainable growth in the telecom business is by relying upon third-party agencies. They offer 24/7 customer service to meet customer expectations and deliver support in a convenient way.

  3. Technology access:

    BPO service providers employ cutting-edge technology to deliver desired results for businesses. Their trained agents access AI-powered systems to provide instant and accurate responses to any customer query and take care of customers effectively.

    Many telecom companies even think about setting up an in-house customer support team. But due to their poor access to the advanced systems and low budget, they usually have to struggle with their customer service deliveries.

    Outsourcing to third-party agencies thus help facilitate the customer support process with the use of modern systems. They ensure that telecom businesses can deliver top-notch solutions to their customers.

  4. Real-time reporting:

    Every telecom business requires real-time reports and analysis to get a better insight into its performance and upgrade its efficiencies. These enhanced reports enable users to access the dashboard and keep track of employees’ activities. However, it is extremely challenging when businesses are asked to perform the entire job manually. This gives another reason to bank upon professional BPO service providers.

    Modern BPO service providers leverage the power of AI technology and automation systems. The best thing about these automated solutions is that you can create instant reports and analyze their insightful data for better productivity. These reports help managers monitor their team’s performance based on the popular KPIs. Some important parameters include first contact resolutions, call handling times, average call hold times, response times, call abandonment rates, etc. Such real-time reporting practices thus guarantee constant progress in a customer support process.

  5. Disaster recovery:

    One of the primary reasons why telecom businesses avoid setting up an in-house customer support team is to stay in safe zones even during disasters. Usually, businesses look for offshore, onshore, or nearshore agencies to outsource BPO services. These external parties help businesses in continuity planning and disaster recovery.

    Moreover, modern contact centers make use of AI-powered systems to monitor the entire process closely. These use this advanced technology and databases to organize and store customer data and keep them secured from unauthorized access. Hence, without BPO service outsourcing, there is always a high risk for telecom companies whenever there is a disaster.

Things to consider while outsourcing telecom BPO services

A few considerations that can help you find the right BPO partner for your telecom company are as follows:

    • Value-added benefits and consultation
    • Customized services
    • Prompt and precise responses
    • Trained and experienced agents
    • Certified BPO agency
    • Quality and compliance
    • AI-driven customer support solutions

The Bottom Line

Customer service is one of the key elements that can make a business stand out from its competitors. As a result, telecom companies are always looking for top-rated BPO agencies that can manage customers across several channels and maximize their business growth.

Contact centers are available for every sector. For example, you have utility BPO services for utility companies, healthcare call centers for healthcare providers, etc. You just need to be specific while searching for the right customer support partner.

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