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Why do Abu Dhabi schools follow a time table?

The schedule is designed so that students can study a variety of courses without becoming bored. For example, following a half-hour of Science, students can spend the next half-hour studying English. They won’t get bored studying a certain subject this way.

Also, there is a meal or break during which students can socialize with one another while refueling. A timetable may also contain games and physical activity sessions to allow pupils to engage in both physical and mental activities. They also set intervals out for painting, music, dance, and other extracurriculars, allowing pupils to pursue their interests. This saves time and helps students learn more effectively.

Few Reasons Abu Dhabi schools follow TimeTable

Maintains order in the school

A timetable ensures that each class has only one teacher during a given period’s learning hours. A timetable also helps to reduce uncertainty while learning. Students are very clear about the subject they must study during a specific period. Furthermore, teachers understand what and how much they must deliver. This helps to keep the Abu Dhabi schools in order and discipline.

These are some of the points that emphasized the significance of a timetable. Without the need for a timetable, a school is undeniably incomplete.

Ensures that all subjects are studied equally

A curriculum is a list of topics that every student must learn. The students, on the other hand, have their preferences. Some subjects are particularly appealing to students, and they wish to focus solely on them. Students will learn only their favorite subjects if they do not have a timetable, and as an outcome, they will fail all other subjects. We can solve this problem with a well-designed timetable. The school’s timetable ensures that they give all subjects equal time so that kids can study effectively.

Does a Four-Day week help a kid’s routine?

Yes! Let’s read on why.

Optimization of time

Schools may be using the fifth day of the week for staff professional development and extracurricular opportunities for students. If students of primary schools in Abu Dhabi are unable to attend tutoring or specific programs during school hours, they have an extra day to seek help from teachers and peers, resulting in higher academic achievement. Similarly, teachers can improve their skills while collaborating. Because of the longer class periods, the four-day week is also credited with improving academic performance.

Athletic Events

Throughout the traditional school week, many student-athletes miss a significant amount of class hours due to athletic events. Districts that enforce the four-day week, on the other hand, may plan athletic events on an unscheduled day, resulting in higher attendance and lesser interruptions to instructional time for primary school teachers and employees.

Lower Absenteeism

Students and faculty members frequently miss days of school to attend medical check-ups and other important events. The unscheduled day, on the other hand, allows students and staff to undertake these appointments without interrupting their attendance. Students and teachers can also use the day to close the gap on school-related assignments and commitments, allowing them to feel inspired and prepared for class each day.

Pupils will arrive home closer to the time of their parents as a result of the increased instructional time, reducing the overall need for the after guidance and protection. Furthermore, parents should value this ability to spend the most time with family.

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