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Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework?

Why AngularJS? 

In today’s world where everything relies on the information online, a website plays a significant role. Websites that work seamlessly, without any clutter, unresponsive design, and broken links can anyone go crazy. But, not anymore!  In this world of modern web development, people are looking for ways that make a website work faster, with better engagement and responsiveness. There are a lot of variables that can help you make your website more interactive and effective. And one of the most preferred ways is Angular JS.

When it comes to designing and developing of website, many tools have acted as a great support to the developer. Over the years, these tools have progressed their frameworks and have been successful to deliver the utmost quality results. That’s what has made these frameworks so popular.  Angular JS is one such advanced framework that has attained massive appreciation among developers. Enhance your angular skills at AngularJS Online Course at 3RI Technologies.

In the underlying guide, you will study all the facets that have made Angular JS popular among developers. 

  • Easy to Use

Angular JS has been developed from the base to the top and thus developers have been able to add some exotic features to the list. These additional features make the entire job seamless and bring in more advantages to the website developers using it. Web developers can create an excellent website with the least amount of coding in addition to making them user-friendly. Besides, this entire job makes website management much simpler yet effective. 

  • Model View Controller Architecture

Most of the frameworks can develop a web application, but the only thing that lags in such frameworks is that they don’t allow you to bifurcate them into Model View Controller or MVC architecture. Although the thing is not the same with Angular JS. It allows you to make the most of this feature by allowing you to join the code and application together. It comes with a string that helps join the applications much simpler and is time-saving. Besides, it also reduces the app development time. 

  • Better Community Support 

Angular JS developed by Google, which has a huge community of users. It helps boost up the community of active developers who are eager to resolve your queries and doubts. These developers are experts in dealing with the intricacies of improvement in the open-source framework. They organize meetings and gatherings to spread more insights and updates on Angular JS and other latest web application developments.

  • Great Modularity

Another efficient factor that makes Angular JS popular among web developers. It allows the developers to develop multiple modules for a single web application.

  • Easy Testing

Testing is one of the most difficult and intimidating tasks. But with Angular JS, the entire task becomes very easy. It allows you to manipulate different parts of the application that are placed inside Angular JS. It makes the entire job easier leaving less burden on the developers to handle without compromising the efficiency of the applications. Besides, the module separation feature adds more to the testing. It helps easily load the needed services in addition to their respective automated implementation.

  • Data Binding

Angular JS allows you to access two-way data binding that gives extraordinary results. The function allows any changes in the application to create an effect on the user interface and the effect of the user interface on the application. It allows the user action to change simultaneously to change along with the module resulting in effective solutions and fewer chances of errors. All these is possible only with Angular JS.

When talking about developers, their job is not a piece of cake and involves great things to focus on. When dealing with Angular JS, these difficult chores are eased out without compromising on the quality or efficiency of the working of the website. And this is what makes it one of the most popular frameworks for app development among developers.

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