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Which Of the Following Statements About Stress Management Is True?

Stress management is a difficult phase to go through in your life. Stress can be caused by a traumatic event, significant changes in your life, or poor performance at work. Various statements about stress management can be found. It is difficult for the average person to tell the difference between a wrong and a correct statement.

We’ll go over some statements about stress management to make things easier for you.

Statement 1- TRUE

Stress that isn’t managed properly can harm your life-

This statement is correct because everyone needs to manage their stress. Some people are unconcerned about the significance of treatment. As a result, they experience negative consequences in their lives. You must be aware of the impact of stress on your life.

Family, work, school, and other responsibilities cause daily stress. This type of stress can boost your productivity in a variety of situations. Stress as a result of a negative life change necessitates immediate attention. Illness, divorce, or unemployment can all cause this type of stress.

Stress can sometimes be beneficial to your health. Your body may respond to stress by fleeing for safety or preparing to face a threat.

Statement 2- TRUE

Surgical Wounds Take Longer to Heal in Stressed People-

This is also true because psychological stress can increase the time it takes for a wound to heal by nearly 25% or more. Surgery is a high-stress situation. It can increase anxiety, which is harmful to your health. Following surgery, depression and anxiety can exacerbate pain.

Pain, without a doubt, is a stressor that can stifle your recovery. Your immune system plays an important role in wound healing. Stress affects your immune system’s ability to heal wounds. Cortisol is an important stress hormone. It can produce pro-inflammatory cytokines at the site of the wound. These are required for the first stages of healing.

Statement 3- TRUE

Stress boosts your resistance to infections-

Stress is unquestionably harmful to your heart and other body organs. this Stress can be caused by a lack of sleep or an illness. Anxiety and depression are both harmful to your physical health. Your body’s reaction to stress may be beneficial to your health.

Keep in mind that chronic stress can be harmful to your health. In response to fear, the human body can release the cortisol hormone. Long-term depression can cause an increase in cortisol levels in the body, which can raise blood pressure and blood sugar.

Statement 4 – FALSE

Cold Viruses Can Help You Avoid Stress

It is incorrect because stress can affect your immune system. As a result, you’ll be more susceptible to cold virus infection. Physiological stress could be a factor in determining how cold-causing infections affect your nasal passage.

Viruses can make you catch a cold even when you are under less stress. A viral infection can cause your body to react in multiple ways. Runny nose, congestion, sneezes, and other symptoms are possible.

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