What process is to back up, export or restore my Google contacts?

Google contacts back up have become very important these days for everyone who is using a smart android phone. It is so as there are so many contacts that one puts in the phone and those are all very useful all the time. It is through this contact backup feature that the user is able to keep all the contacts safe and secure in one place. Also, it is through this feature that you are able to get easy access to all your contacts on any device from anywhere at any given point in time.

But, for this facility to work for you it is necessary that you have a proper backup for the contacts created. So, here we will see how the user can create the backup, and also we will see the process through which the user will be able to export or restore the Google contacts. So, this way the whole use of Google contacts will be well understood to the users.

Backing up contacts on Google

If you wish for a backup for your Google contacts, then in that case you should just save them all on your Google account. Having a contact backup in Google will help you in times of theft of your device or other such problems.

Now, after the process of back up let us move to the next thing that is exporting contacts from Google. If you wish to export contacts on some other device through Google then here we will discuss the steps for that.

Exporting contacts through Google on android

In order to export the contacts from Google, you should follow the steps given below-

  • Please open the contacts app on your android phone or tablet
  • After this go to menu there choose “settings”
  • Next, go to export
  • After this choice for one more account for the export of the contacts
  • After this, export the contacts to.VCF file

Exporting contacts through Google on the computer-

In order to do it please follow, the steps given below-

  • Open Google contacts
  • After this choose one of the options from the three that appear
  • Next, from the top left corner click on “more” Next click on “export”
  • After this choose the CSV file
  • Save the file and next click on export.

Mostly, there is an automatic backup that is on, but if you wish to turn it off or if it is off and you wish to turn it on then in that case you should follow the steps given below.

Please follow the steps given below-

  • Open the phone settings app
  • Next, go to the system
  • After this please go to “backup”
  • There turn back up to Google drive on or off

Restoring contacts from Google contact back up-

Now, after the process of export, the next thing for us to see should be the process of restoring Google contact back up.

For restoration of the contacts please follow the steps given below-

  • Please open the Google settings app
  • After this, go to Google
  • Click on “set up” and restore
  • Next, click the option “restore contacts”
  • If there are many Google accounts then choose the one which accounts contacts you need to take a backup for
  • If you do not wish to copy contacts from SIM card or phone storage then you can turn off that setting.
  • After this click on “restore” then wait for the restore process to complete

So, this is related to Google’s contact back up export and restore procedure to know about. If you still feel the need to know anything more than in that case you should go to the team of trained and certified Google experts. The importance of the Google contacts back up is already discussed above. If there will be a backup available the user will never lose any of his important contacts.

Conclusion –

If you still need to know more, then there can be no other better option, than the one given here. You can be sure to get instant as well as the most accurate solution for your problem if you are facing any related to the Google contacts back up or anything else related to it that you feel is important for you to know.


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