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What Makes Vape Mods And Pod Mods Different? dinner lady vape

Vaping industry has successfully made its mark and is still growing in so many ways. The vaping world is becoming versatile day by day. Surreal and enticing e-liquid flavours and advanced vape kits are grabbing vapers’ attention.

The reason why so many people are drawn to vaping is that it gives them multiple options. From a person who wants to quit smoking to a person who is a cloud chaser, vaping has so much to offer. Vape manufacturers are working hard to provide people with quality products and accessories.

After seeing the popularity of disposable vape like Aroma king vape and rechargeable vapes devices, vape manufacturers have now come up with more advanced devices. Advanced vape devices such as vape mods, box mods and vape pods create a buzz in the vaping market. If you are a vaping enthusiast and you haven’t tried out these devices, you should opt for them.

As more and more vape devices are being introduced into the market, many people are finding it hard to differentiate between them. Particularly, new vapers find it difficult to spot the differences between various vape devices. Keep reading the blog to understand how modern vape devices work.

 Vape Mods_ For Experienced Vapers:

Vapers who have a deep understanding of various vape products such as coils, batteries and e-liquids may want a device that they can modify themselves. With stellar battery performance, an extensive range of e-liquid flavours and good quality cloud production, vape mods are undeniably impeccable for advanced vapers.

If you have been vaping for quite a long time now, it’s time for you to switch to vape mods. A lot of avid vapers have already turned to these vape mods. Vape mods are particularly designed for experienced vapers. Another outstanding feature of vape mods is they are more customisable than disposable vapes.

One can set the temperature and wattage of vape mods according to their needs. Besides, you can also re-fill the tanks of these devices with your desired e-liquid flavours. You can also change the coils, wicks and batteries of these devices when they get faulty.

Pods Mods_For Novice Vapers:

Pod mods are the advancement of disposable vape devices. Beginner vapers who are not acquainted with the vaping hacks and terminologies opt for these devices. The vape juices in disposable vape devices like Dinner lady vape and Solo Vape contain free-base nicotine, which mostly novice vapers find overwhelming.

Free-base nicotine in dinner lady vape gives a strong throat hit, whereas nic-salts in pod mods provide people with a smooth throat hit. With pre-filled e-liquids and pre-charged batteries, vape pods are the perfect choice for vapers.

Pod mods are generally used for the intake of nicotine. These devices are small in size and are more convenient than Vape mods. They do not require any special maintenance. Unlike vape mods, pod mods are easy to use. There is no need to set the wattage and temperature for these devices.

What’s Better_ Final Verdict:

Vape mods and vape pods both have their own unique features, and it is totally up to you which device would you prefer. For instance, if you feel like you cannot change the e-liquids of your device every second week, or it is almost impossible for you to replace your coils, you should pick pod mods. On the other hand, you can pick a vape mod if you think that you can modify them easily.

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