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What Makes Composite Decking Better Than PVC Decking?

Wood decking has always been popular among homeowners who prefer the natural beauty of wood. As people get dissatisfied with wood, they turn to composite and PVC decking as a better option. The benefits of using PVC and composite decking are obvious. They desire a long-lasting, rot-resistant, warp-free, and splinter-free decking material. However, the two options are not equivalent. This article discusses the advantages of composite decking over PVC decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

A composite is a substance that is made up of many different materials. As a result, composite decking is made up of a combination of wood fiber and polyethylene or plastic. The decking type is processed at a factory, where bonding chemicals are added to the mixture to make it stronger. 

What Is PVC Decking? 

PVC decking is a synthetic material similar to composite decking, however, it is made entirely of plastic rather than wood. PVC is superior to wood decking and, like composite decking, is manufactured in a factory.

Why Is Composite Decking Better than PVC 

Composite Decking Is More Weather Resistant When you install outdoor decking, you expect it would be able to survive the searing heat, rain, and other natural factors. The UV rays of the sun will not harm our composite decking planks. You install our incredibly durable komposittrall in your outside space, it will not grow mold or mildew. Comparing PVC decking to composite decking, PVC will expand and contract with the seasons. When the weather gets warmer, the size of PVC expands. PVC, on the other hand, contracts as the weather becomes cold. PVC decking, on the other hand, will fade faster than composite decking. Using a rug on composite decking will not fade the surface and will keep the color for a long time.

WPC Decking Color Cannot Compete With Plastic Decking

The color of WPC decking, PVC decking, and composite decking both have a color that is superior to wood. The color of composite decking is significantly superior to that of PVC decking. The matte surface on composite decking is a unique feature. Composite decking has a matte finish that makes it seem like wood.

Why is a matte finish important?

Because of the typical wood appearance, homeowners adore wood decking. However, they must hunt for alternatives due to their displeasure with the downsides of wood decking. Two options are PVC and composite decking. However, the desire for authentic wood appearances persists. This means that homeowners want their new decking option to appear like wood decking. That’s why a matte finish is crucial. Composite decking offers a smooth, wood-like appearance rather than a dull, synthetic appearance. Furthermore, it does not simply resemble wood; it resembles contemporary wood. Aside from the matte surface, kompositbrädor is available in a variety of colors. Grey, brown, oak, black, and a variety of additional colors are available.

Plastic Decking Can Get Chalky

Plastic decking can become slick, but composite decking does not. When you install PVC decking, the plastic or vinyl in the decking oxidizes, leaving a white and powdery appearance. As a result, your PVC decking will have white spots all over it. When you choose dark-colored PVC deckings, such as dark grey or dark brown, you’ll notice this impact. Even after 20 years of usage, plastic wood decking will never turn powdery like plastic.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking Is a Greener 

Plastic isn’t the only option. It implies that composite decking is better for the environment than plastic decking. This is due to the fact that when manufacturing composite decking, no trees are chopped down. PVC decking is made entirely of vinyl and does not contain any recyclable materials.


Composite decking outperforms PVC decking in several ways. Because of its matte surface and long-lasting color, composite decking is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, unlike PVC deckings, composite decking does not get chalky.

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