What is Virtual Machine? How it can benefit you?

You probably know that each device is tailored to a particular operating system, so for one machine, you can only run one operating system. How does testing Windows 10 work if you’re a Mac user? Will it cost you a lot of money and a new Windows laptop to do that? Virtual Machines could help you. Multiple operating systems can be run on one machine using this technology. You can learn more about virtual machines in this article.

With these machines, you can run multiple system applications in different windows, but within a single computer. As far as the host OS is concerned, it will run as it is, and you will be able to create a virtual PC in a separate window. Any operating system of your choice can be installed on that virtual system. Suppose, for instance, you own a Mac computer running MAC OS X. If you set up a virtual computer on your Mac computer, you can separately install Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, and Linux.

What’s a Virtual Machine?

Virtual machines, also known as VMs, are PC programs that create a virtual computer environment backed by virtual hardware devices. As a separate process, this virtual computer runs on your host operating system. A live CD or an installer disc can be used to boot a different operating system on this machine. By tricking the OS, you convince it that a real computer is running. Installing and using the operating system will be just as simple as on a real computer.

It is necessary to create a virtual hard drive before you can create a virtual computer. The operating system will be stored on this virtual hard drive. Nevertheless, the operating system will be treated as if it were a real hard drive. The system software on virtual machines, however, is slower than the software on real hardware. For PC games that require a lot of CPU power and graphics, virtual systems are not a good choice.

Why would you require creating a VM?

You can have a lot of fun with virtual machine hosting. For example, if you don’t have a Windows PC, and would like to test the new Windows 10, VM will help you with that.

Below we are listing some use cases of VM:

1.If you would like to try a new operating system without having to leave your current one:

You can always run the Windows system software no matter what device you are using. Be it Mac or Linux PC, you can create a virtual computer using any of them. It allows you to try a new system without having to leave the operating system that you are using currently. 

2.If you would like to test applications and software using other operating systems:

You can easily test by running your operating system and applications on the virtual computer you have set up. Once you are done with the trial testing, you can simply delete it. 

3.If you would like to test applications that you cannot trust:

The best part about using virtual machines is that it stays secluded from the rest of your system. It indicates that whatever you do inside your virtual machine will not hamper the rest of your system. So instead of testing applications that you don’t trust, use a virtual operating system and test the performance using the software. 

So, wait no more and use virtual machines and enjoy the immense benefits it offers.

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