Do you want to flourish in your career in science and technology? Are you confuse between IIT and MIT? IIT is the best, or MIT? Numerous other questions bang on the head of the aspirant. Everyone wants to start their academic career at the best college or university to get the most rewarding career. But many of the people who want to flourish in the field of technology are often confuse between IIT and MIT.  

 If you are one of them, then you can check out the following points to get a detailed understanding of the points that states IIT Vs MIT.  

How is IIT different from MIT?   

  • The admissions process entails the following steps: The admission process of IIT and MIT belongs to different levels. If any candidate wants to get adamite to the bachelor’s degree course at MIT. Then he or she must have to go through a Sat examination. But the story lies in the marks secured on the Sat examination. Since the candidate has to secure good marks in the SAT examination to get a chance at MIT.

If any candidate wants to get admitted to the master’s degree course at MIT. Then they have to appear for the GRE examination and score well on that examination to get a chance. With the Sat and GREs, it is mandatory to prove. The candidates’ proficiency in English before going to study in a foreign country by giving the IELTS exam.  

Whereas if any candidate wants to get admitted to the bachelor’s degree course in IIT. Then he or she needs to pass JEE mains and, after passing JEE mains. The candidate needs to go through JEE advanced. If the candidate qualifies for JEE advanced, then only that candidate will get a chance at IIT. If any candidate wants to appear for the master’s degree course at IIT, then the candidate needs to appear and pass the GATE exam. 

  • Research Matter:-When anyone talks about the educational system of India, he or she knows that it is mostly based on theoretical knowledge. IIT frequently emphasizes the theoretical component of education while also involving students in some interesting research programs.

Whereas MIT entirely focused on the research part. MIT uses advanced teaching methods that can help to engage their students with different research activities. 

  • Facility and other information: If someone is talking about the difference between the infrastructure of MIT and IIT, it is hard to figure out. IIT has the good faculty of high profession teacher and expert, but it can be seen that the facility provide in IIT often lack in a few cases.

MIT has a high professional environment that is best suited for learning. The research labs and facilities at MIT are highly advanced. 


If someone wants to take forward their academic career in India while studying in the fields of science and technology, then IIT could be the ideal choice. But if any candidate decide to continue their academic career in some foreign country, then trying to get adamite into MIT will be an idle choice. IIT and MIT are both important in the fields of science and technology. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to get a chance at IIT or MIT.


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