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What is the cost of a liver transplant in India?

The liver is the only an organ in the body that can regenerate injured or lost tissue. Although there are many liver conditions, the one condition that requires liver transplant is end-stage liver disease or liver failure. A liver transplant involves replacing a dysfunctional liver with a healthy one from some other person, known as the donor. The liver can be transplanted as a whole or just a part. In most cases, the donated liver comes from a brain-dead person. The liver transplant cost in India begins from INR 19,68,000. Moreover, when it comes to the success rate of liver transplantation in India, the numbers go as high as 85% and 90%. This is quite a high rate compared to other developed countries.

Types of Liver Transplants

Liver transplants are of three types. These include:

  • Orthotopic Liver Transplant

This process involves extraction, preservation, and transportation of the liver from the deceased donor to the patient. It is a 12-18 hours-long process. 

  • Heterotopic Liver Transplant

This surgery involves placing the donor liver on a side while the damaged liver stays intact. In case the original liver recovers, the donated liver shrivels away. On the flip side, if the original liver does not recover, the donor’s liver starts functioning. 

  • Reduced-size Liver Transplant

This surgery is for child patients. Only 15-20% of the liver stays intact in a reduced-size liver transplant. It includes a healthy donor’s liver transplant into the patient. 

Factors Influencing the Liver Transplant Cost in India

Certainly, many factors contribute to the overall cost of liver transplants in India. Let’s look at these factors.

  • Fees of surgeon
  • Status and location of hospital
  • Room category
  • The type of surgery
  • Post-operative recovery period
  • Medications like anti-rejection medicines.

In fact, the total cost of a liver transplant is affordable even after adding expenses like a hospital stay, aftercare, medications, etc. Although the cost varies for different hospitals, it is still within a reasonable range compared to other countries. 

What Makes India the Most Preferred Destination for Liver Transplant

Many patients from all over the world prefer India for liver transplants, and there are many reasons for it. India houses some of the top liver transplant hospitals and experienced surgeons. The healthcare sector in the country is evolving at a rapid pace, and thus, it has become a medical attraction for global patients. Complicated treatments like organ transplantation are regulated in authorized clinics and hospitals. Many top multi-specialty centers offer special programs offering all types of liver transplant procedures like swap liver transplant, living donor, deceased donor, and ABO incompatible liver transplant. Moreover, the liver transplant doctors in India have rich experience and excellent track record in transplant surgeries. 

Another aspect that makes India a desirable location for liver transplants is the cost of treatment. This treatment’s costs in India are highly competitive, even in the top hospitals. You can find cost-effective packages and acceptance for all types of insurances, which helps even more in cutting down the costs. Besides this, India has many Internationally recognized hospitals known for organ transplants.

Success Rate of Liver Transplant in India

 Although the cost is low, there is no compromise on quality treatment and aftercare. Compared to deceased donor transplant, living donor transplant has a higher survival rate. Living donor liver transplant requires less waiting time, and the patient receives implants within a short time. The long-term success rate of liver transplants is around 55-60%. After the liver transplant, the patient can lead a normal, productive, and healthy life. However, the result can vary from case to case, relying on individual aspects. Therefore, the liver transplant success rate and long-term survival can vary with patients and their condition. 

In a nutshell, there are many benefits of a liver transplant procedure. It can be a life-saving surgery for those with medical complications such as end-stage liver disease. Moreover, the new liver allows patients to have a more active and longer life. 

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