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What Hair Extensions Are Best for Thin Hair?

Hair extensions services allow you to quickly turn from the owner of not too thick hair into a woman with a chic mane. Unfortunately, not all hair can become the basis for a beautiful “mop”. It is worth considering separate extensions for thin sparse hair.

Build up sparse, liquid short and medium strands

Sparse hair can be the result of various reasons – genetics, malnutrition, chronic fatigue, stress, improper care, etc. Regardless of the cause, a common characteristic of this type is weak bulbous roots and reduced elasticity of the hair shafts. The result of this phenomenon is permanent damage and creases on the hairs.

There are some disadvantages of that hair service when building on thin sparse hair:

  • Most methods of fixing artificial strands are contraindicated. This is due to the presence of traumatic fastening capsules, which cause irreparable harm.
  • Extensive loss of curls is the result of even the most gentle procedure.
  • Visibility of attachment points. It arises due to insufficient volume and density of native strands.

Very undesirable consequences

Sometimes, behind a beautiful build-up, unpleasant features of this procedure can be hidden, which arise due to errors during its implementation. Possible consequences worsening the appearance of donor hair:

  • It is typical for English extension, which is performed on a special adhesive. With a poor-quality composition or inexperience of the master, glue particles are on the strands outside the bonding point, which leads to their fragility.
  • It occurs when the Spanish extension is removed or corrected, in which the fastening capsules are softened with a special compound, and then removed with special tongs along with the extended strands. The result of the procedure – the hair is split, broken.
  • The Japanese method of carrying out the procedure involves this, in which the fastening brackets can be clamped.
  • Dropping out. Typical for an ultrasonic procedure. The procedure itself is as painless as possible for the strand, but when the curls are removed by a novice master, the hair structure may deteriorate, which can lead to hair loss.

The choice of the safest technology.

The choice of technique depends on several factors that you should familiarize yourself with before ordering and paying for a visit to the salon. Among others, particular attention should be paid to:

  • The condition of the strands, the effectiveness of the entire procedure depends on it. Afro extension causes minimal damage to weakened curls;
  • The visibility of the extension on the hair also affects the choice of its type. The most noticeable on the hair are overhead strands on hairpins, the least – capsules from ultrasonic and microcapsule extension;
  • The complexity of care. The most convenient for care are strands made by attaching with hairpins or by the afro extension method – they are durable, resistant to wear, unpretentious in care;
  • The need for correction. Depending on the correction, the Brazilian method and the Afro extension require constant attention to themselves, so the correction may need to be done more often.

What is a tape hair extension?

The advantage of tape building is that it is carried out without exposure to high temperatures. Tapes with strands for building are attached to the adhesive. This does not allow you to experiment with hairstyles and is generally less convenient. But much safer.

Many girls are interested in what material is used for building. It can be either artificial monofilament or natural strands of hair. Among natural ones, Asian, European and Slavic strands are distinguished. By the way, the latter is better suited to most Russian girls. Therefore, they cost more. The salon will also help you choose the length and color of your hair.

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