What are the features of a proportional valve

The proportional valves are used to control the flow liquid by varying the size of the  flow passage via a restrictor. The proportional valve for water Generally converts the input current signal and converts it into the mechanical output. This mechanical output is used to control the output flow of liquid and also for water. The proportional valve  perfectly distributes the flow water according to our desire.The proportional valve has excellent response time and working. The water proportioning valve causes minimum turbulence and direction during their working as these are smooth in their working. We can manage the proportional ratio of chemicals in a chemical reaction.

What is a proportional valve?

The proportional valve for water are efficient devices and have longer lives due to their uniques design. The water proportional valve is widely used in industrial processes. These valves have no chance of contamination and rusting due to their unique design. The rubber and air is used in place of metal in the proportional control valve. The air actuated proportional valve for water allows a straight and smooth flow without any clogging of the material. 

This is why the engineering are always prefer the water proportional valve in place of mechanical valves. The mechanical valves are usually made up of metal and these valves rust after some period of time. The other thing along with the mechanical valves is the leakage due to contamination of the metal.

In this article we are discussing What are the features of a proportional valve for water? And their application in the industrial processes:

The proportionality of chemicals:

The proportional control valve for water is an excellent device in managing the proportional ratio of the chemical during a chemical reaction. For example, we are producing a chemical by mixing the 3 chemicals in a ratio 30%,40%, and 30 %. The proportional valve is excellent in managing the operational ration of the chemical. This can be understood by a simple explanation, for producing 1 gram of water H2O, we need to mix 2 grams of Hydrogen and 1 gram of Oxygen. The proportional valve is absolutely able to mix and maintain the ratio to produce the pure water. This water is used to produce the mineral water by mixing various mineral in the desired  

No friction and turbulence:

The proportional valve produces no friction and turbulence. The main reason behind this is that these valves are using frictionless things like rubber and air. These valves produce no friction and turbulence during the extreme pressure conditions. Due to these qualities we are perfectly able to manage the proportional ratio of the chemicals. Due to frictionless properties of the proportional valve for water these valves are widely used in industrial processes. The frictionless and turbulence free working is best when you are talking about the  proportional control valve.


The proportional valve is an efficient device for mixing the chemical in the desired proportionality. These valves have longer life and minimum maintenance cost and these valves are used in many industries like food and beverage industries, the chemical industries etc.

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