What are the Different MCSA Certifications?


Microsoft’s entry-level certifications, MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), cover multiple Microsoft products and job functions. These MCSA certifications allow entry-level professionals to show expertise in several Microsoft products, roles, and subject areas. However, the MCSA credentials are a requirement to learn the advanced certification program Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications. These certifications gears toward more experienced IT professionals. Therefore, to become an expert in this beginner-friendly technology, you should go to MCSA Training Institute in Gurgaon. Such an institute will make you proficient in the different available certifications and train you to clear these entry-level associate examinations.

Different MCSA Certifications Available

Microsoft provides certifications that focus on your abilities to create and build technological solutions. Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Office 365, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc., are just a few of the proprietary products covered by these certifications.

However, there are several MCSA training institute available to choose from. Each certification requires you to pass up to three tests to be certified. Among these certificates and examinations are as follows:

●     BI Reporting

This certification covers data consumption and transformation, data modeling and visualization, and dashboard configuration with Excel and Power BI. In order to obtain this certification, you must pass two tests on data visualization.

●     Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

No specific pre-requirements are there to clear this certification, but you must pass three SQL and Dynamics 365 examinations to obtain these MCSA credentials. However, the Microsoft credentials are for Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers, solution architects, and implementers.

●     BI Development

Before continuing on this certification route, Microsoft advises that you should have core IT abilities. This certification is intended for extract, transform, and load (ELT) and data warehouse developers that construct business intelligence (BI) solutions. Thus, to acquire this certification, you must complete two tests on BI development and SQL implementation.

●     SQL 2016 database administration

This database administration certification requires fundamental IT abilities and SQL familiarity. There are two examinations you should clear; one on SQL database infrastructure administration and the other on SQL database provisioning. However, this certification in general covers database installation, maintenance, setup, and provisioning.

●     MCSA Database Development

This certification is for database professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of on-premises and cloud-based databases. However, there are no qualifications set for this credential, yet you should have at least common IT expertise. You must pass two examinations on SQL querying and SQL database development.

●     SQL Server 2012/2014

This certification is intended for database developers and analysts and needs fundamental IT skills. You must take three tests on querying, administering, and implementing databases using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014.

●     Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform certification includes HTML5, SQLite, CSS3, JavaScript, and ASP.NET MVC. This certification is for software developers and engineers with prior IT skills in these respective areas. Thus, to obtain this certification, you must pass two exams; C# programming and mobile app development.

●     MCSA Web Applications

The web applications certification is for web developers or administrators and covers technologies like C#, mobile apps, visual studio, .NET, and Framework 4.5. However, you must pass three exams; HTML 5 with JavaScript and CSS3, C# programming, and constructing ASP.NET MVC web apps.

●     Windows Server 2012

The Windows Server 2012 certification, aimed at computer network experts and administrators, includes Windows server virtualization. Thus, to obtain the certification, you must pass three examinations on installing, configuring, and managing Windows Server 2012.

●     Windows Server 2016

This certification validates competency with Windows Server Virtualization for network or computer system administrators and network experts. It also necessitates fundamental IT knowledge and clearing three tests on Windows Server 2016 installation, storage, computing, and networking.

MCSA Certification Costs

If your certification requires multiple examinations, then each MCSA exam costs around $165. In such a case, you must pay the charge for each exam. However, the cost of training will vary depending on the course you select. Moreover, if you are not interested in spending money on a complete course package, you can take the help of free materials resources available. Furthermore, MCSA credentials do not expire, and renewal costs will not be needed.


Hopefully, you find this article on the different MCSA certifications informative. Any interested applicant looking to pursue MCSA certification may take the help of the MCSA Training Institute in Delhi. Such an institute will help you to clear the above credentials and help you to kickstart your career as a certified professional.

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