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Vent Cleaning Tips and Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Vent cleaning is a major issue in today’s households. Most people want to do it at home. Although, you should always hire a professional cleaner. Firstly, we cannot afford any damage to the duct network. Secondly, Professional cleaners do a more proper and quick cleaning. They clean dust and debris from tiny gaps, joints, and corners. 

Thus, we should always call professional cleaners for vent cleaning. However, this article will guide you about vent cleaning and mistakes to avoid during vent cleaning. 

How to Clean Your Duct Network:

Tools Required:

Here are the air duct cleaning instruments you’ll need to do the job:

  1. Filter for the furnace.
  2. Gloves.
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Brush.
  5. a drill
  6. Clothes for clean
  7. Paper towels.

Cleaning The Ducts Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Firstly, Loosen the screws that hold the air duct hoods and return-air grille panels in place. It is a very simple process. However, it is always better to call professionals. Air duct repair and replacement Norcross also provides cleaning services. Their cleaners are skillful and experienced. In addition to this, their rates are affordable. 

Step 2:

Secondly, use paper towels to wrap your supplying ducts (the ducts that deliver heat or air to the rooms). Close the outlets that are not being dusted at the moment to prevent dust and grime from drifting in and out while you clean other areas. Raise the supplying vents and insert a paper towel between the vent hood and the walls or floor. Clean each air vent, and the vent should stay in place without requiring you to reinstall all of the screws.

Step 3:

Thirdly, Adjust your thermostat to “fan on” mode. The fan will assist in moving the dust that you have unfastened during cleaning. Make sure that you have turned heating and cooling modes off.

Step 4:

Clean and free your ductwork from grime and dust. A little pounding will dislodge clumps of dust that have been stuck to the interior of the ducts. Start tapping on any reachable ducting by the handle of your brush. It will aid in breaking up any layers of moistened dust that may have accumulated on the ducts inside.

Step 5:

Wipe up the supply registers. Elevate the register while the vacuum is operating, and the end of the pipe is close to the register. After that, Use the hose to collect any dirt emitted by the fan and brush as far into the register pipe as the hose can reach. Scuff any dust that has accumulated in the register using your brush. Reach down into the duct as far as you can with a moist microfiber cloth and wipe the interior clean. Make sure that you have also cleaned the Return registers.

Step 6:

Moving further, Turn off the furnace and the fan. Do not just turn off the thermostat, as this does not turn off the unit’s power.

Step 7:

Clean up the blower chamber and the air boot. With the power off, remove the panels on the front of the furnace to gain access to the blower section and the return air boot. 

Step 8:

Sweep away the dust that has accumulated in these areas with your vacuum. It is where the majority of your dust will be. It would be best if you also clean the furnace fan while you’re here.

Step 9:

Lastly and most importantly, Change the furnace filter. If your HVAC filters are blocked with the dirt and impurities that they are supposed to trap, you won’t enjoy the full advantage of clean ducts. Buying a good filter would undoubtedly reduce dust in your home, but the better the filter, the more frequently you need to change it.

Mistakes To Avoid: 

  • Failure To Upkeep Your Duct System:

The majority of the time, your pipes require cleaning or replacement. People, however, frequently make the error of forgetting to clean or clean their HVAC ducting owing to ignorance.

It is essential to schedule maintenance since it will go a long way to help your system function properly, and it will spare you a lot of money. You may avoid this by investigating and training yourself on the equipment and maintenance schedules.

  • Buying The Incorrect Cleansing And Heating Filter:

This error is the result of a lack of information and price misunderstanding. You may have had a session with a professional, but if you have the incorrect part, it will negatively affect your system.

Before making a purchase, carefully take the time to read the description or the owner’s handbook, which provides specs and permissible deviations.

  • Cleaning Using Inappropriate Equipment:

Use a lint-removal attachment that connects to the base of your hoover and permits lint to be easily and quickly removed.

Small dryer lint fibers can become trapped inside the vent and can be eliminated without the proper tool.

  • Disconnect The Dryer To Stay Safe:

It’s easy to overlook the need to disconnect your dryer before beginning cleaning. It is an important initial step in ensuring your device’s safety during cleaning.

Unplug the power wire from the wall for electric gadgets. To prevent harmful leakage, cut off the gas supply for a gas-powered appliance.

  • Duct Overbending:

We can bend and mold vents easily as they are fragile. Please use caution when molding them. Significant twists and bends in the vent will cause dust to build fast.

  • Clean Moisture Sensors:

Although these sensors are not directly connected to your dryer vent, you should also clean these if your machine includes moisture sensors. If we do not clean moisture sensors regularly, mold can grow. Mold can be very difficult to remove. You should not remove it by yourself. Rather contact mold air duct cleaning Norcross, GA. They have the best at-home services. Their cleaners are very co-operative and professional. 

  • Faulty Venting:

Lint buildup in your dryer exhaust is combustible. Thus we should vent it outside. Moreover, we should never set up Dryer vents in the basement or crawl area. Hire a professional to redirect your dryer vent. Don’t try to do it on your own.

  • Duct Tape Reattachment:

Duct tape is not a smart idea when it involves your dryer exhaust. It is particularly corrosive when exposed to the heat of your dryer. It can lead to disastrous consequences, such as a home fire.


In conclusion, vent cleaning is a very simple process if done correctly. To effectively clean all your ducts, be sure to avoid these mistakes. Happy cleaning.

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