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Vastu Tips for your home entrance

Has there been a day when everything in your day went fine but you still felt low when you came home? This is quite possible due to the energies that lie in your home. Following Vastu and arranging certain aspects of your home is a great way to harness all the positive energy and get rid of any negative energy in your environment. Since everything that needs to enter your home, may it be people or energy is through your main door, following Vastu for home entrance is the best way to invite positivity.

As some of you reading this article may already live in houses with entrances already built, the following are a few tips to create an auspicious Vastu. 

Put your name on the door

Owning a house is not enough in order to call it your own. Make an imprint upon it by adding your own nameplate. As simple as it may sound, this little nameplate is everything that separates a house and YOUR HOME. So when positive vibes enter the house, it focuses on the entire family first. 

Wooden material as per Vastu for home entrance

As minimal as it sounds, wood is actually considered a very auspicious material for your entrance. In a case where your home entrance is not facing any of the prescribed directions, adding wooden or metal items can even correct dosha.

Decorating your house with everything natural can promote a healthy environment as per Vastu. Going green can as well bring happiness, peace and positivity at home. Goa’s leading real estate developer uses natural materials to construct villas that truly exude the feeling of warmth, joy and superior living in a home away from home. 

Things to do at the threshold

Add a raised threshold in case you don’t have one at the foot of your entrance. Also, add a doormat at the entrance. The raised threshold is what would bounce off any negative energy coming in, while the doormat will dust off all the negative energy from your feet before you enter your house. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are known to attract whatever energies come in, may it be good or bad. Hence while placing a mirror at the entrance might be a great idea to soak in all the negative energy, you don’t want it backfiring by soaking in the positive energy as well. Hence, do not place the mirror directly opposite to the main entrance, instead place it at a right angle to reflect positivity into the house. 

Involve greenery

Natural beauty always attracts positivity. While greenery goes hand in hand with positivity, it is also a symbol of harmony and wellness. So add on to your collection of plant babies in and around your home as it is a great way to bring peace in your heavenly abode.

In addition, a small garden near the entrance of your house can create a feeling of a warm welcome. Any garden irrespective of size or species of plants used can add beauty to the space. Nature always brings life to the place just as it does to the villa Casa Del Sol. Goa is blessed with sprawling greenery and stunning panoramic views. Having a villa amidst lush greenery is a joy to behold and a desire to own the marvelous beauty. 

Vastu for home entrance

The way you position your main entrance can play a huge role in a home’s Vastu. Following are a few pointers on positive inviting directions for your door in your new home. As you plan and build your entrance, do not construct directly at the corner. Vastu suggests that you should keep the corners empty to inculcate wellness in the environment of the house.

North-east: This is the most auspicious direction for a home. Due to the high exposure to the rising sun, this corner possesses the most energy. 

North: This is definitely your second best option.  This direction is known to bring high fortunes and good luck to the residents of the home. 

East:  East direction entrances enhance power and festivity although they are not the most favourable ones. If you have no option but to place it to the east, find the spot as close as possible to the north side of the wall.

South-east:  If your only option is to have an entrance on the south wall of your home, ensure that it is a southeast entrance and not a southwest one. Placing your entrance in the south is inauspicious for your house. However, having an entrance here is no problem if you have another one in the north direction

North-west: The setting sun or evening sun is known for good wealth which makes this direction suitable for your entrance. If you must have an entrance built on the west side of the home, ensure that it is in the northwest direction.

Vastu for entrances is extremely important as it determines what kind of energies enter your home. If possible, it is important to consider which way the main entrance faces. It is ideal if the main entrance faces either north, east, or northeast. Providing the main door opens in the right direction, it doesn’t matter which side it is on.


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