Vape Shops guide for fixing common pod vape issues

Common pod vape issues faced by customers and how vape shops can resolve these issues.

Vape Shops guide for fixing common pod vape issues:

We have often seen customers complaining about some problems regarding their pod vapes. As customers buy these pod vapes from vape shops, they believe that their problems will get sorted by visiting that vape shop. On the other hand, in some cases, vape shops representatives do not understand the issues and hence cannot provide any solutions. Although providing these solutions to their buyers is equally crucial for any vape shop, buying these pods vapes in bulk from the best vape wholesale distributor will minimize the buying cost.

Below, we will discuss some common issues with pod vapes and how vape shops can resolve these issues to keep their customers happy and returning for future purchases.

Fixing the non-charging Pod:

Sometimes we find that the pod vapes are not getting charged. There are four reasons for this problem.

  • The device has a weak electrical connection to the charger
  • There’s something wrong with the USB port that you’re using to charge your device.
  • The charger is defective.
  • The device is faulty.

Following a few tips can help resolve this issue, such as:

  • Start by cleaning the metal contacts on the device and the charger in the manner described earlier. If you keep your device for hours in your pockets, dust and pocket filth can block the contact and stop your device from making a proper electrical connection to the charger.
  •  When the port for charging is severely blocked, you can remove the dirt using the help of a toothpick.
  •  If your device doesn’t charge, try connecting it to another USB port. Never charge your vape pods with mobile phones or tablets chargers, as it can result in your battery getting overheated.
  •  If you’re not able to get it to recharge via the USB port, you can try another charging cord or even a cradle.
  • If you’ve tried several USB ports and various chargers but still can’t get it charged. It’s a sign that your device isn’t functioning correctly.

Fix Squirting or gurgling Vape pods:

There’s a reason pod systems can spit or gurgle while you vape.

Unutilized e-liquid gets trapped inside the coil assembly of the atomizer or the airflow chimney.

The stock e-Liquid in Pod vape results in spitting and gurgling. This stock e-liquid gets into the atomizer coil assembly of the pod. When you start vaping, the air pressure generated will cause your vapes juice to begin to flow up the airflow chimney.

The extra juice makes the sound of gurgling when you smoke. A small amount of vape juice might be able to enter your mouth. Yuck!

Solutions for squirting vape pods:

A simple and most important trick to fix this issue is not to overfill the pod. Be careful while filling up the pod and leaving some air space. If you neglect this, it will push e-liquid into the coil assembly for atomizers after replacing the stopper.

For new vapers, it is essential to know that the most common mistake is usually to overuse air pressure when they puff.

However, the pod system is only operating at a single temperature, regardless of the intensity of your puff. If you’re looking to increase the vapor, you need to puff deeper, not push harder.

Make sure to use only the force needed to get your device to turn on. If you are puffing too vigorously, it will draw a lot of liquid into the device’s coil atomizer and cause it to go through a gurgling and then spit.

If you find excess liquid in the airflow chimney of your pod, you can fix it before filling again. Remove the pod from your device, place a towel on the top of the pod and blow it vigorously across the top. Blowing through the pod pushes the excess liquid out of the air vents of the pod and restores normal airflow.


As said above, providing solutions to these common problems of pod vapes to the customers is at no means less crucial for vape shops than buying pod vapes in wholesale from a reliable vape wholesale dealer based in the United States.
These non-charging and squirting vape pods are ubiquitous and equally easy to resolve. All you need is to greet every customer at your vape shop with a beautiful smiling gesture and listen to his problem. Once you have found the issue, you can easily eradicate it with the above-provided tips.

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