UL VNO License: Subscriber Registration and Services Provision

The UL VNO Licensee (Unified License) must register a request for telephone connection or other Telecom Service. He must request without any discrimination from any applicant at any place in the service area. These service (s) must be authorized as directed by the Licensor. The UL VNO LICENSEE must not discriminate between subscribers and provide Services. The Authority will not allo discriminate on the same commercial principle. They will require the applicant to maintain a transparent, open-to-inspection waiting list.

Scope of the UL VNO License

The UL VNO license holder must clearly define the scope of services to its subscriber(s). The scope must be defined when entering into a contract with the subscriber(s). Licensor has the right to impose a suitable penalty, not just a financial penalty, apart from any other actions for any conditional breach.

Service Commencement

The License applicant must commence the service commercially only after starting the subscriber registration. Before the commencement of the service in your area, the UL VNO licensee must notify as well as publicize the address where any subscriber can register the request for Telecom Service. The Licensee will duly note any change of this address.

Nothing contained here must affect or prejudice the license holder’s rights to carry out a check on the creditworthiness of the service applicants.

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UL VNO Service Delivery Platforms

VNOs must also be allowed to create service delivery platforms for the following services:

  • Customer Service
  • Billing
  • VAS

The UL VNO licensee must widely publicize service provision. They must not refuse demand registration in the service areas where he has commenced services.

Service Denial on certain Platforms

If the provision of the requested telecom service to an applicant is not feasible for reasons beyond the control of the Licensee, then the Licensee must endeavor to make arrangements for providing services within a reasonable time. By suitable command given by the operation as well as maintenance personnel, the VNO License can deny the service to subscribers in certain specified areas immediately upon the request received.

Discontinuity of UL VNO Services

Every VNO Licensee must ensure continuity of services to its customers. The continuity can be disturbed only when the license is revoked or suspended by the Licensor. The VNO Licensee can discontinue any service to its subscribers as per the Service Authorization. He must give notice to Licensor, NSO(s), and TRAI at least 60 days in advance with valid discontinuation reasons.

The VNO must also notify all its subscriber by sending a 30 days notice to each of its subscribers. The VNO must mark the effective date of discontinuity of service as the 61st day counted from the date of such notice reception by the Licensor. However, the Licensor can reject such a request of the VNO licensee.

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UL VNO Service Billing of Subscribers

The UL VNO License holder is responsible for issuing bills to its subscribers for service usage. He must also maintain records to produce itemized billing information. Also, the billing system of the LICENSEE must generate the billing information with adequate details. This is to ensure subscribers’ satisfaction with the bill’s genuineness. This provision is as per the directions of TRAI, updated from time to time.

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