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Types of Desert Safari tours

We invite you to rush away from the bustle of the city to the fabulous desert, where red sand dunes can be seen in the enchanting rays of the setting sun. 4X4 powerful jeeps will swiftly carry you over the waves of huge dunes to the very heart of the desert, where the serene spirit of golden sands reigns. This is called Desert Safari.

The Ras Al Khaimah Desert lies on the territory of the United Arab Emirates and is unique in that the color of its sand changes from purple to malachite shades, depending on the angle of view and lighting. It is not uncommon for breathtaking off-road safaris and camel rides to pass through the desert dunes. Also here you can find Bedouin camps and the desert settlement of Bassata, where you can get acquainted with the life of nomadic people.

There are some types of tours which will give you a feeling of this incredible and amazing journey and just being a part of old culture and realizing that behind this desert there are luxurious cities of UAE. 

The types of tours depend on how long you are going to spend time in the desert, or what kind of dinner you will have and of course, this depends on the price of the tours. So let’s consider some Desert Safaris which will give you unforgettable one day which you will never forget. Let’s get started! 

Desert Safari Ras al Khaimah: Romantic Dinner 

Can you imagine getting away from the crowded city and enjoying the unique nature of the desert while watching the sun go down with your loved one? This is possible! Before sunset and the dinner itself, you can take a walk for the dune or enjoy the short camel ride. After sunset, you will have your dinner with incredible and luxurious middle eastern and Asian-inspired dishes and grilled vegetables cooked by the chef right in front of you.

Desert Safari Ras al Khaimah: Overnight Camping 

Staying overnight in the desert? Why not! There are premium chalets with Arabian traditional style. In chalets, you can spend your wonderful day comfortably with family, because chalets are equipped with AC and private showers. The tour includes:

  • Dinner,
  • Breakfast,
  • Short camel ride 
  • Henna Painting
  • Live entertainment performances 

Desert Safari Ras al Khaimah: BBQ dinner.

This is maybe the most popular tour among all desert tours. because this is like full package desert tour where you can enjoy an amazing desert, eat the traditional food, take a ride with camels, get a henna painting and even live entertainment shows including the fire show, Bellydance and the Egyptian traditional dance.  

Desert Safari Ras al Khaimah: Quad biking adventure

This tour is for more active lovers. They can enjoy a quad bike ride on dunes. This will be incredible adrenalin and feeling that will stay with you forever. If you wish, you can add a BBQ dinner to this tour or a wonderful show with traditional dances.

So, after an exciting jeep ride, Bedouin villages, camel ride, hookah, delicious dinner and a memory picture in national clothes you will fall in love with Ras al Khaimah and the desert!

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