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Top Sightseeing Places To Visit In Kovalam – A Tropical Paradise

Kovalam, literally translating to ‘Grove of coconut trees’ in Malayalam. A city offers much more than it seems from afar. Adorned by the Arabian Sea as its shore, Kovalam is a famous city in Kerala and all over India for the magnificence of its beaches. 

The city is so similar to what its name means. The myriad of coconut trees and also the splendid beaches build Kovalam the ‘Paradise of the South’. But, the beaches and coconut trees are only the beginning! The glory of the city lies in the remarkably amazing list of best sightseeing places in Kovalam. In short, Kovalam is a good starting point. So, if you are looking to go there for a solo trip, family trip, or a honeymoon trip? Get packed, book air india reservations in any class, and save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. To make it easier for you, here are the top sightseeing places travelers should not miss when traveling to Kovalam:

1. Lighthouse Beach

The Lighthouse Beach is characterized by the iconic 35-meter-tall lighthouse. A prolific beach and one of the Kovalam’s best. The very popular lighthouse adorns the beach’s idyllic charm and attracts a vast crowd of tourists. No wonder the Lighthouse beach is so outstanding in the entire region. 

This beach additionally receives the most attention from foreigners since it is the most developed and largest of Kovalam’s 3 main beaches. The blue aquamarine waters, shiny golden sand, swaying palm fringes, and rocking waves make the Lighthouse Beach nothing but a beach paradise. Besides that, you’ll taste the delectable food being prepared at the various food stalls on the beach. 

2. Hawah Beach

Lighthouse Beach is not any doubt, a paradise of a beach, but Hawah Beach in Kovalam is superb too. Visitors will be awestruck by how beautiful the natural scenery is. This was not like any beach travelers can’t even imagine! The things which will catch your attention the most are only too naturally pleasing. Located opposite the wondrous Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach is a Kovalam local sightseeing marvel. 

3. Samudra Beach

This beach attracts a thousand travelers from across the world with the azure and alluring the Arabian Sea, clear blue skies, and also the sun-kissed sand. Such a wonderful place that is filled with an elite crowd of local and global beach lovers. Also, the various surreal attractions are after all, incredibly beckoning people who appreciate natural beauty! Travelers will surely be captivated by the wondrous charm of this sightseeing gem in Kovalam.

4. The German Bakery

No trip anywhere in the world is complete without trying the special & delight cuisine of that exact place. Well, the German store in Kovalam is one of them. This only place, where travelers should visit here to know how fantastic the restaurant is!

5. Halcyon Castle

The Halcyon Castle additionally famed as the Napier Museum was sinfully good as a resort! The palace became an exceptional 5-star resort. If you’ve got flexible pockets, a family to entertain, and yourself who is in dire want of a much-needed break, head over to the Halcyon Castle and just relax. 

Last Words

Well, we can say that Kovalam is a town that is filled full of peace, natural beauty, and unmatched beaches. So, stop thinking much. Plan your trip to Kovalam with AirlinesMap and customize your trip to this wonderful place. Bon Voyage!

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