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Top Five Yummy Chippy’s That You Can’t Forget The Taste

Chips have been an integral part of the snacking culture all over the globe for many centuries now. The culture of enjoying potato chips has come a long way now, but the craziness for the same continues. Nowadays we have numerous different flavours of these chips. In this article, we will be discussing the various yummy chips flavours, manufactured by Kiwi Foods. Kiwi foods have been one of the most popular and established manufacturers of chips, especially in the Northern part of India

Chippy’s Cream and Onion:-

This particular flavour of chips manufactured by Kiwi foods will completely transfer you to a different world. When you are buying cream and onion flavoured chips, you buy them because you want your chips to taste like cream and onion. In the cream and onion flavour chips, manufactured by Kiwi Foods, you will find an amazing balance of salt, onion, tang and crispiness. They have got just the perfect right amount of flavourings. Moreover, they have got great texture and come in amazing packaging. Overall, it’s a great balance of onion, potato, cream and crispiness.

Chippy’s Tangy Tomato:-

Kiwi foods tangy tomato chips are another addition to the list of yummy Chippy’s. Kiwi foods is an established brand name from Northern India. Tangy tomato chips like other flavours of chips from Kiwi foods are prepared from freshly sliced potatoes deep-fried in high-quality vegetable oil and finally seasoned with the yummy flavours of tangy tomatoes. These tangy tomato chips manufactured by Kiwi Foods have a sweet- tangy spicy flavour profile. The taste of the chips stirs up your taste buds, so much that you don’t feel like stopping at just one pack. Tangy Tomato chips by Kiwi Foods are enjoyed by people of all age groups. People mostly enjoy these chips while binge-watching their favourite series, cinema etc. The tangy tomato chips are packed in such a way that they are absolutely easy to carry and make for a perfect office snack, quick picnic pick up.

Chippy’s Classic Salted:-

The classic salted chips manufactured in India by Kiwi y are called classic for a particular reason. In its purest form, the potato chip is pure goodness. This flavour reminds us of the time when there were not so many flavours around, and simplicity was the tune of the hour. Both in good times, as well as bad, chippys classic salted by Kiwi Foods, is something that’s there to save you when you need something savoury, crunchy, not overpowering though. Some people may call this flavour plain, but actually, it is the perfect amalgamation of palm oil, potato and seasoning of a salt plain. Overall, it’s perfect all by itself and can also go very well with dips and sauces too. The list of some of the most famous chips by Kiwi Foods goes as follows:-

Chippy’s Mast Masala:-

Indian Cuisine is very popular for its rich and spicy flavour. The perfectly balanced and soothing masala flavour of the potato chips manufactured by Kiwi Foods does complete justice to the Indian Palate and hence has become a top favourite of all the customers. Mast Masala has got that perfect non-annoying taste to itself.

Chippy’s Simply Salted:-

This one is of course all-time favourite and will never cease to become popular amongst the customers. This one is one of the hottest selling products of Kiwi Foods, under the chips section.

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Chips are the all-time favourite snacks of every second person globally. The taste further enhances when it is manufactured by a brand that is known for its ethical manufacturing.

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