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Top Contemporary Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas For Interior Designers

As far back as history goes, a fireplace mantel was essential to assist prevent smoke leakage. A mantel is no longer necessary because of contemporary fireplace technology.

It may not be necessary, but many people wish to include this traditional aspect while coming up with modern fireplace mantel design ideas. To your advantage, now that you don’t need the mantle, you’re able to construct a unique design.

Contemporary fireplace mantel design ideas

Rustic luxury

Combining materials and colors will offer any house a unique appeal. If rustic luxury is your style, then consider a mantel. The mantle can be created with a single wooden beam. With a variety of shapes to choose from, it can convey a strong and dramatic message or one that is sleek and modern in style.

A more rustic aesthetic can be achieved by either leaving the carved wood in its natural state or by adding a living border around the room. A wood contrast makes a classy statement when mixed with other materials such as marble, stylish wallpaper, or slate. Visit the https://magikflame.com website for more details about fireplace mental design.

Stone texture

It is possible to make a mantle out of the stone that surrounds it. To make a shelf, spread or rotate the components on the rack. According to the stone used, it might be smooth or irregular.

As another option, you can create an even surface by using an oversized horizontal stone block. Any way you look at it, the mantel will smoothly merge into the room and create a sophisticated visual texture.

fireplace mantel

Sculptural elegance

Why not make the most of it? Construct a sculptural fireplace mantel using a range of materials such as driftwood and metal. No matter if your clients prefer the sharp edges of modern art or the organic curves found in natural materials, you can design a look that is completely original for them.

Try to uncover a personal feature that you can add to the design with your client’s help. On your last vacation to Turkey, you may have seen a mosaic of intricately drawn pictures, which may have been mentioned to you.

In celebration of your childhood recollections, they may want to recreate that room’s vibrant colors. Then, include those photographs into your mantel design that will bring a smile to their faces every time they see them.

Turn the corner

Avoid limiting the mantel to one wall if you have a corner or three-sided fireplace. One or two corners wrapped around a mantel gives a striking impression, especially if it’s in harmony with other design components.

In addition, customers who plan to use the shelf to showcase products may welcome the additional surface area provided by the additional shelf.

fireplace mantel

The layered look

Some customers want an updated traditional design that connects the entire fireplace, even with a modern mantel. Assemble the fireplace and mantel using a variety of materials. Stone or tile for the frame, painted wood trim, and a stained wood mantel are all examples of what you can do.

It’s easy to get creative when it comes to choosing the materials for a layered look. If you want a more classic look to feel fresh and current, consider using modern materials like slate or weather-resistant steel

Embrace asymmetry

As a general rule, however, fireplace mantels are placed precisely above the grate; yet, there are exceptions to the norm (at least not with modern gas fireplaces). An asymmetry that is well-placed draws attention in the best possible way.

The mantel should extend beyond one of the fireplace’s edges and be framed by a wide band. No need for frames, just an over-the-fireplace cantilevered shelf that extends to a wall on one side.

You can create a minimalist frame by wrapping the mantel across the floor on one side. You can compare a TV and a shelf to generate various focal points if your buyer wants them both. There’s no need to worry about which one it is Whatever the design parameters, the shelf options are endless.

Shelf design with a lot of imagination

No longer necessary, but it doesn’t imply they should be eliminated. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a unique and modern luxury style. You’re only limited by your imagination, so start with a blank canvas and see what happens.


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