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Top 9 Best Virtual Team Building Activities in 2022

Team building plays a significant role in the efficient and seamless working of an organization. The bond you share with your colleagues and employees is a key deciding factor of your and your organization’s success. The working culture of all the organizations is changing, and now companies are striving to provide a healthy environment. 

However, with remote working, organizations are connected virtually, and they are continuously looking for ways to boost team bonding through the internet. Addressing this serious concern, we have come up with a list of the top 15 virtual team-building activities in 2022. 

But, before that, let us first understand the meaning of online team building along with its importance. 

Virtual team building is the process of engaging with remote employees that helps in deepening the team bonds and strengthening the connection between the employees. Virtual team-building activities allow the working professionals to work more effectively. Not only this, team-building activities help to build trust, improve cooperative relationships and company culture. 

Here is a list of the top 9 virtual team-building activities in 2022 that will help you improve relationships between your team members. 

  • Online Team Building Bingo: 

Bingo is probably one of the most popular games played across the globe. It is a simple game that doesn’t require much preparation. You can simply play it with your team workers, and have fun. Make it more exciting by keeping prizes for the winners. You can either send them offline prizes or gift e-vouchers or coupons to them. The idea is to encourage more people to participate and have a fun time with work peers. 

  • Virtual Happy Hour Trivia: 

You can host a happy hour with your employees and give your virtual meetup the feel of a gathering with good old friends. You can assign someone the moderation of your event, and they will host a few rounds of virtual trivia. Make it exciting by adding a few surprises to the activity. You can test knowledge by hosting sessions like Who’s smarter, you or a fifth grader? You can also host a regular GK session and check how intelligent your colleagues are. 

  • Online Team Pursuit: 

Host an online team pursuit session with your teammates and get to know each other better. It is a fun activity filled with mental, mystery, and skill challenges. This activity will allow you to enhance your communication skills and know your co-workers better. 

  • Virtual Escape Room: 

Another virtual team-building exercise that you can do with your employees is solving virtual escape rooms. They are a great way to have some adventures with your employees and have fun. In a virtual escape room, the participants solve the mystery, overcome challenges, and escape rooms.  

  • Guess Who I Am? 

It is a wonderful game that will allow you and your teammates to know each other beyond work. As a manager, you can first ask your teammates to share some facts about them with you. You will have to compile them into a document. You can then play a quiz where the participants would need to guess which member the fact belongs to. 

  • Trivia Contests: 

You can play weekly trivia contests with your teammates where you can send a quiz to the participants over an email. Host a weekly trivia contest where you can send weekly quizzes to your employees which need to be answered by a certain period of time. You can announce winners’ names in your groups and give them something exciting. 

  • Virtual Movie Night:

How about enjoying a movie night with your friends from work? Though you are all physically distant, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with your friends and enjoy a movie together. You can ask for suggestions from your peers and watch the movie that gets maximum votes. To make it more exciting, you can host a virtual movie party, followed by a discourse session. It will allow you all to exchange opinions and ideas. 

  • Online Dance Party: 

Groove to some amazing music with your friends and colleagues by hosting an online dance party. Curate a playlist of your favorite music, and share it with your co-workers. To add to the fun, you can keep the playlist open so that your co-workers can add their favorite songs to it. You don’t need to be a pro at dancing; Just tap your feet to the beats, and have fun. 

  • Online Dinner:

We are sure that one thing you and your peers definitely miss during the pandemic is going out and enjoying good food together. But, given the technology we have, staying connected while being physically apart is totally possible. You can host a virtual dinner party with your colleagues, and simply have a fun time.

When you compare a physical meeting with a virtual one, it is very clear that online meetings are a bit more boring than in-person meetings. It is the reason people prefer the latter. However, with fun team-building activities, you can make, otherwise, boring meetings and events fun and interesting. Moreover, these activities will also help you deepen the bond between you and your team meeting and boost team spirit among all the members. 


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