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Top 8 SEO Tips for WordPress Websites

A home without furniture is of no comfort; similarly, a website without ranking is of no worth. If you have got an edge in marketing or own a WordPress website, you must know the worth that ranking holds in the digital scenario.

These SEO tips for WordPress are a sweet treat to your website that can thrust your website ranking to the next level. Drive higher organic traffic to your website and boost your search engine ranking with these amazing SEO tips for WordPress.

WordPress as a CMS

WordPress as a CMS

Whether for a blog site or a business website, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms.

Bloggers, Content Creators, and Small Businesses often rely on WordPress for online presence.

The wide availability of SEO-friendly plug-ins and easy-to-manage back-end makes WordPress top the chart for User-friendly CMS. Though it offers everything that can help you with ranking boosts, there are still some bits and pieces of technicality that can be put together to form a better whole on SEO grounds.

Here you go.

The article will take you through all the website essentials that your website might need for better performance on SERP.

These SEO tips for WordPress will do all from improving loading speeds to optimizing content.

Top 8 SEO tips for WordPress

Top 8 SEO tips for WordPress

Determine Domain Carefully

The domain name is the first thing that comes under everyone’s notice when they reach your website. Not only search crawlers but also people read the domain to recognize your online presence.

Technically, the domain has nothing to do with the SEO par. But, with an easy-to-remember domain, people can get back to the website at their convenience. Domain should relate to business name, location, reach, and standards. Here is a complete guide to help you pick domain names, check it out to get a perfect domain name for your business.

Pick an SEO-Friendly Theme

Trust me! Theme can make a real difference. You may get swayed by engaging classic themes with endless elements put to enhance its appearance. Such themes are not good from an SEO perspective. You don’t need a ton of functions, but rather a theme that communicates the right value of brand and content. These elements will only slow down your site. Discover and pick a theme that can bring more value to your website, i.e., quicken things up so that you can locate your site on the top of the search engine results page.

Best WordPress Theme for SEO

  • Divi
  • Hello by Elementor
  • Astra
  • Kadence
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWP
  • Ultra
  • Hestia Pro
  • Infinity Pro
  • Spencer
  • Corporate

Make sure your theme is running, stunning and optimized with the latest SEO techniques. It should have a responsive design, a clean code and fast loading speeds.

Change Default Permalink Settings in WordPress

Assuming that you are not aware of what permalinks are, let’s throw a quiz straight to you.

Which one is easier to remember?


Probably the first one, right? The first option is readable and the preferred canonical URL. A clear and SEO-friendly URL structure can be created to make it interactive. While choosing these permanent URLs for your site’s content, you can prefer numbers, dates, and page titles in the URL for your WordPress Website.


Simply, you can go with the more accepted version that includes a title, main keywords or a simple date. These links are customizable and are used to customize the links of the blog. Try not to change the name of the permalink for other services or product pages, or else you will lose access to the page.

Get your WordPress website an SSL Certificate

Do you believe when customers like you call a thing secure? A word from a genuine person can improve credibility. Getting a layer of encryption secures your page. Once added with this security your website becomes strong in the eyes of users. Ever differentiated HTTPS or HTTP in the domain name? If yes, check out the domain, and you will find it with an “S”.

This SSL certification is mandatory for websites on Google as Google keeps warning the website that misses them and would possibly push away quality traffic. SSL certification helps in boosting SEO and is one of the most effective SEO tips for WordPress that users often disregard.

Turn on SEO Breadcrumbs

SEO amateurs often neglect breadcrumbs for no apparent reason. These breadcrumbs can be navigated at the top of a website or under the navigation bar.

Those who have Yoast SEO plug-in installed can fix breadcrumbs in just 5 minutes.

Follow – Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs > Enabled and done.

Upload Sitemap.xml

Sitemaps are mandatory for the website as these sitemaps categorize pages, boost the ranking a little and help in fast indexing. It helps Google crawl and index newly added pages to the website faster. Also, sitemaps make it easy to implement tags, such as the Hreflang tag for multi-lingual pages.


Customize Robots.txt

Robots.txt file tells crawlers which file is restricted for indexing and which file to index. For a WordPress website, if you don’t want to get any page indexed, like a “Thank You” page, which is not worth showing on a search engine, can be restricted through the Robots.txt file.

user-agent: *

disallow: /thankyou.html

disallow: /wp-content/plugins/

and, disallow: /wp-admin/

SEO Plugins

Installing a good plug-in will fix most of your SEO queries. Besides, a plug-in like Yoast SEO has the potential to boost your SEO ranking. It is one of the most trusted tools that can help you audit and improves the performance of your content and its readability.

Use Content Tools to Improve SEO Content Quality

  • Write better content with page and keyword analysis.
  • Add social and schema markup
  • Automatically generate XML sitemaps.
  • Edit your meta descriptions
  • Enable breadcrumbs

Moreover, using it you can fix errors in your content to make your website perform better. WP Rocket is a renowned plug-in for caching and Jetpack for website security.

SEO Plug-Ins to Add to Your WordPress Website

  • Classic Widgets
  • Classic Editor
  • All in One SEO
  • OptinMonster
  • PushEngage
  • RafflePress
  • Rank Math
  • Akismet Spam Protection
  • Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid

All these plug-ins are widely used to enhance SEO performance and optimize your site for high visibility on SEO results.

These top 8 SEO Tips for WordPress should be followed blindfolded to get the website rank at the top. Find a professional SEO Company Noida to get all these points fixed and get the optimal results for your website.

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