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Top 5 Tips to Improve Website’s Landing Pages

The biggest conundrum is…what makes a home page different from a landing pages?

Apparently, it all boils down to the purpose of existence.

Unlike home pages, landing page are designed to drive more conversion rate.

  • These pages have a goal backed design.
  • Minimal distractions, appropriate content.
  • Campaign oriented messaging & designs.
  • Customized experience.
  • Target campaign-specific audience.

Now that you have come up with a specific marketing campaign to improve the conversion rate on your website, the landing page would be your go-to asset.

Landing pages are tailored to improve the conversion rate as summed up by Hubspot:

  • On average, the landing page conversion rate is 9.7% across all industries.
  • Businesses that use software to optimize their landing pages gain a 230% conversion lift.
  • Businesses that address buyer’s fears/dilemmas grow by 80%
  • 65% of businesses use their business name in the title tag to improve their online presence.
  • Personalized CTAs can perk the conversion rate by 202% better than common ones.

What are Landing Pages?

what are landing pages

A landing page is a squeeze page that captures email or gains sign-ups in return for something of good value such as an ebook, whitepaper, stats, etc. Landing pages are not on the navigation menu of your website.

These pages appear when a user click-through an email, ad or any other digital source. Once these users click on it, they are encouraged to perform an act that demonstrates conversion. Any specific action that signifies conversion, like subscribing to your email list, adding your products to the cart, or making a final purchase, is the purpose of the landing antalya escort page.

Unlike Home Page, which brims with links and CTAs, landing page has limited diversion options by not giving them more options.

However, basic landing pages are designed to get the visitors to fill out the custom signup form on the page to avoid distractions or diversions. On the extreme end, too many choices can overwhelm your use to affect the sales funnel.

Set expectations?

Landing Page Examples

The best landing page is designed to drive focus and conversions. And you don’t need a website to create a landing page even though 90% of landing pages are hosted on the websites. It’s advised to render the landing pages with the apparent value proposition and visual hierarchy.

Building a strong brand has several benefits. It boosts your credibility and converges on reiterate customers. Maintaining consistency all across the Website Designing – appearance, tone, style, and copy to deliver a strong, clear brand message.

Types of Landing Pages

The only thing that differentiates these two types of landing pages is structure. Users can discover these pages either through organic search or through marketing campaigns.

These pages are designed either to generate leads or to lead users to the next step and can capture organic traffic if put together for such purposes.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

“Lead Gen” and “Lead Capture”, by whatever name you call it, are the landing page that collects lead data or information about your customers. Such information is collected through forms in exchange for products or services. Users are asked to provide basic details like NAP and Email. This quantifies that interest in your business to allow further persuasion. Besides, increasing your return on ROI, it helps in improving your marketing strategy to strengthen the core of your branding. Unify the strategy of these lead generation landing pages with your website designing aspect to integrate the purpose.

Click-Through Landing Pages

While lead gen pages use a form, Click-through landing pages use CTA buttons for conversion. With a hit on the CTA button, the users are redirected to the pages that lead them to the final call. Therefore, the clickthrough page serves the users with dynamic personalized content to pursue them to step next. For instance, when users click on CTA saying schedule a demo, it will take the user to the scheduling page and not on the checkout page. The intention behind these pages is to convert leads into sales and not deliver information.

How to Create a Landing Page?

How to Create Landing Page

Build SEO-friendly landing pages by inculcating long-tail keywords, along with sharable content for diversified traffic. The page loading speed is an utterly important aspect of online sales. Neglecting it would deprive you of valuable traffic. Landing pages are endowed with all essential elements that can drive conversion. Every unique landing page brings opportunity, and analyzing it or conversion rate maximization is in the hands of designers.

Here are some of the tips to optimize the landing page for increased conversions

Tips to optimize the landing page

  1. Creating crisp headlines
  2. Adjusting H1 heading to the meta title
  3. Placing CTAs above the fold.
  4. Guide users to your CTA.
  5. Attach a social proof
  6. Use bullet points to interact
  7. Repeat your CTA.
  8. Provide your contact info.
  9. Attach videos to engage
  10. Invest in the User Experience (UX)

You may have a team for content, graphic designers, etc. But, as an amateur, you may fail to integrate so many aspects altogether, and this will eventually make your project a failure. Try lining up with a professional website designing company in Delhi to craft landing pages and campaigns that can boost sales and conversion rates.

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Sumit working as Digital Marketing Strategist at Assert IT Solutions. His expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Ads, PPC Ads, Blogging and Content Marketing. Areas of interest are Web Designing & Development and Graphics Designing (Retouching & Infographics).

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