Top 3 Mobile Brands

Today, when you wish to buy a new mobile phone, there are a large number of options available to you. It might confuse you in choosing the best one. Although each brand has some unique quality when compared to others. It depends on the purpose for which you are buying a mobile. For example, if you wish to buy a mobile for selfies then Oppo and Vivo can be considered viable options. In this article, we are giving you ideas about top 3 brands of mobile and their USP. This will help you in choosing the brand from many options. 


Apple was founded in 1976. The people behind this giant brand were Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. It is now famed for its elegant iPhones. This brand has a vast client base because it provides products with superior design and features, and as a result, it has become a more aspirational brand for individuals all over the world. Apple has been able to keep its product quality high by using cutting-edge technologies and dynamic design methods. Many of the competitors of this brand try to copy its features and even use price-reducing mechanisms to win market share. But they have been unable to repel the apple company’s massive client base. This depicts why Apple is the world’s most popular mobile phone brand. Apple has a global presence. 

If you are planning to buy a new mobile, keep in mind that Black Friday in July where you can buy your favorite model at a high discount. The sale will be live in July 2022.


Most of us know that Samsung is the market leader in the smartphone sector. It is because Samsung constantly working to improve product capabilities via substantial research and development. This brand has expanded its smartphone options from mid-range to high-end handsets for the affluent market. It is well-known for its Galaxy smartphone line. Samsung’s flagship products are best viable for the ordinary citizens. The venture recently launched Tizen OS as an alternative to Android-based handsets for its smartphones. Samsung teamed with audio experts. They are  AKG and Dolby. They collaborated on phones like the Galaxy S9. The main aim was to provide users with a high-quality sound experience. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung has unveiled their year’s flagship. From time to time, they update their devices with the requirement of the market. It can be included in the top 3 mobile brands.


It is a Chinese multinational corporation. XIAOMI was created by Lei Jun in April 2010. This brand “XIAOMI” has given its competitors a stiff fight in just a few years since its release. If we observe today’s scenario it is the fourth most valuable technology startup in the world. Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 8, Poco F2 Pro, and Redmi Note 8 pro are some of Xiaomi’s most popular smartphones which are available online. You might think about how this brand gets huge popularity in such a short span of time. The reason is because of its affordability and accessibility. The prices are normal and any common man can easily afford smartphones of Xiaomi. 

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