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Top 10 ways to use social media for your job search

Social networking sites are often considered a primary means of communication and help you stay connected to your friends and family and make new connections. With this in mind, it makes sense to use the enormous potential that social networks offer when looking for a job search.

Using social media to find jobs can be very effective, and research shows that 93% of employers use social media while hiring new employees. The following tips will help you choose an ideal social network so that recruiters can find it easily.

  1. Create a social network profile to find a job. Fill out your profile, including:

  • Education
  • Current Location
  • Professional Position and Resume
  • Updated Profile Picture
  • Known Skills Related to What You Want to Do
  • Recent Position and Short Description of Your Responsibilities, Strengths, and Performance
  • Links to Resume, if Available Online

For example, If you work in the construction industry, you can express your “About me” section as project delivery.

Although LinkedIn is your most crucial job search platform, we recommend that you must clean up your other social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to avoid potentially harmful items found during background checks.

  1. Connect 

The people in your Connect network can be critical to your success. The power of social media is that you have the right people in your circle. Once you’ve created your professional profile, find your former and current colleagues, bosses, or leaders.

  • You can also add classmates and friends with the same job. This helps to create a trusted professional network. A former colleague with a new position can tell you when a vacancy opens and help you get into the company.
  • Also, if you know that strangers are in the same area, you can connect with them. For example, create a personal and specific connection request like this: I’d love to get in touch.”
  1. Join Facebook groups in your areas of interest and engage in discussions.

 Although LinkedIn is often viewed as the primary social media networking channel, Facebook is also great for growing professional networks. An effective way to meet other experts is to join a Facebook group and participate in discussions.

For example, joining an engineering group can give you access to other engineers’ knowledge, networking opportunities, and even career opportunities or careers.

  1. Get Approved

If you haven’t used the referral feature on LinkedIn yet, it’s worth checking out. The

The recommendations section may include personal feedback on your work and skills. It may seem weird to ask for approval but think of it as a random job recommendation on your resume.

  • To post a positive review on your LinkedIn Page, you may ask permission from someone you know (e.g., a former manager, customer, or friend). Their approval will be a good measure of trust and authenticity for recruiters and hiring managers.
  1. Google your name

Statistics show that many companies reject potential candidates after evaluating their social media profiles.

Google your social media username to get an idea of ​​what your online presence will look like from the outside.

  • Eliminate anything that could surprise potential recruiters. These range from old Facebook photos to angry or overly political Twitter updates you may have forgotten.
  • You can also use social media privacy settings to hide things you don’t want to see in public.
  1. Join the discussion on Twitter.

Another way to use social media while looking for a job is to post it over Twitter.

You must search for popular trends and hashtags related to your area and join the discussion. This will be visible to anyone looking for this trend and help you position yourself as an industry expert.

  • You must also follow and interact with opinion leaders in your industry. This will help you build relationships with experts in your field and get you noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

Hot topics often relate to world events, so it’s good to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry.

For example, an analysis of influencer platform Oil & Gas Exploration during the COVID-19 pandemic found that “cutting output” was a trending topic on Twitter. Knowing when to engage in conversation is essential to getting attention from potential employers and colleagues.

You can also search for discussions about significant projects or industry advancements and retweet anything you care about. Twitter’s “Retweet for Citation” feature means you can share valuable Tweets and add your comments.

  1. Research Employer Profiles

 Given the broad nature of social media, you can narrow your job search to a few companies with niche markets of interest.

Visit their website, blog, and social media. In this manner, you will stay updated and learn more about their business culture.

If there is a specific company you want to work for, you can actively interact with it using social media. I regularly comment on insightful and valuable comments about my posts. Share your content so more people can see it.

  1. Answering Quora or Reddit forums like Quora and Reddit can be a mine of information for professionals in all industries. However, in addition to using these platforms to create your expertise, you can also establish yourself as a thinking leader.

Quora and Reddit are sites people go to looking for information, and you’ll see many users asking questions that relate directly to their niche.

  • Answering this question will establish yourself as an industry expert. The more questions you answer, the better. This can help you gain recognition from other experts in your area of ​​expertise.
  • When users enter a question, they answer a search engine, and your answer may appear in search results.
  1. Build Your Brand

Once you’ve all set up your social media profile, it’s time to build your brand prominently. Build your LinkedIn personal brand and build your reputation.

Do you have a new certificate? Update in the Skills section of your LinkedIn profile. Also, list all your achievements and work experiences on your page so that potential employers can easily see if you are a good fit for their company.

  1. Think about etiquettes for social media.

The primary nature of good social media etiquette is to control your choice of words and how you express yourself. Follow the

basic business rules, and remember that you are a knowledgeable and professional person in your field.

Finally, avoid making personal comments, such as politics, on LinkedIn and non-personal social accounts, and keep your profile as business-focused as possible.

  1. Share your portfolio or resume online on social media

To use social media effectively while looking for a job, you should first create a dedicated blog, website, or social media handle to showcase your work.

For example, if you want to become a journalist, you can create a simple website or blog to showcase your articles. This is the perfect way to advertise yourself online, and you can easily create an important webpage in less than 20 minutes. You can go further by providing something interesting, such as a YouTube video or an online infographic about your experiences and interests. Create an online portfolio to quickly guide potential employers to the best jobs and impress them with your skills. You can then share the site on your social media pages and even pin it to the top of Facebook and Twitter to notify you of your work.

  1. Actively Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn and Twitter

If you haven’t done a job search yet, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of regularly looking for jobs Hiring in Lindale TX on LinkedIn, Twitter, and job sites. The LinkedIn Jobs section is full of great features and user-friendly features. For example, some jobs have an “easy to apply” part. This means that to apply, all you need to do is submit your resume.

On Twitter, you can search for specific hashtags like #nowhiring and #graduatejobs to see posts that lead directly to job postings. You can also search for ones that fit your chosen industry, such as #engineeringjobs and #mediacareers. And if that’s not enough, our guide provides more information on how to find a job using Twitter.

  • Change social media privacy settings.
  • In general, you should assume that your employer is browsing social media before inviting you for an interview.

And to be honest, there’s nothing worse than knowing that you’ve been to an interview and saw a picture of you hugging a bottle of yellow leather vodka.

  • If your social media account has messages or photos you don’t want your potential employers to see, change your privacy settings.

This does not necessarily mean hiding everything. As social media encompasses a vital part of our lives, some employers may view it negatively if they can’t find any information about you online, especially if you’re a digital company.

  • If you’re unsure if recruiters can find out about you online, google yourself in an incognito window (search results in general windows are affected by your search history). Enter your full name accompanied with the name of your university/current employer into Google and see what happens. You can also track yourself on Facebook by entering your email address in the

search bar. Make sure you are not already logged in. Otherwise, the exercise is a bit pointless.

No matter how strict your privacy settings are, people will always see your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp (if you have my number), so you should respect it.

Benefits of Using Social Media to Get a Job

  • It helps you build your brand.
  • Provides the ability to connect and interact with companies you want to work for to connect with recruiters and learn about careers you are interested in,
  • Provides more information and allows recruiters and hiring managers to find candidates

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