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Top 10 Job posting websites that are available in India 2021 – both free and paid

Please note that this article is for employers and recruiters seeking the best Job posting Websites in India. If you’re a job-seeker seeking opportunities to work look through the top 10 job portals to search for jobs in India. India is home to a wealth of talent, with millions of job seekers searching for opportunities to grow their careers online. Top 10 Job posting websites that are available in India 2021 – both free and paid
This includes both new graduates and experienced professionals. The Internet is extremely popular and it is logical to target our potential hiring via the internet. Therefore, posting jobs for free on Job-portals allows recruiters to connect with a larger public. 

Must Read: Free Job Posting Sites in India

The “Free” idea broadens the data available for today and in the coming days. As more people use the internet and use the internet, this will be the most effective solution for matching people who are the best fit for the ideal job. We’ve compiled an extensive list of the top job posting websites in India

Top 10 Job listing sites for India 2021 (FREE and paid)

  • Actually (Limited Free)

Indeed is a worldwide recruitment site that provides both free and paid job advertisements. It is among the best websites to post job openings. It’s a fantastic boost for small and startup companies to advertise jobs and ads that are free. The one difference between free and paid listings is on the basis of how the advertisements are displayed. While paid listings are promoted to appear at the at top of a page, however, job listings for free will be displayed in the middle or at the bottom. But, this won’t affect your job advertisement in any way. Job candidates are seeking multiple jobs and are able to apply for every job that is compatible with their educational qualifications and abilities.

  • Zigsaw (FREE and paid)

Zigsaw is an HR technology company that offers the most effective solution for recruitment to the top companies and is among the most rapid-growing recruitment companies in India. Start posting your job online for free Zigsaw join forces with businesses to meet their requirements to hire in a very short time and efficiently. They help to provide the most efficient and effective human resources to their customers and provide end-to-end solutions to hiring, by proving the meaning of hiring i.e. finding the right candidate in the right spot. Zigsaw also promotes international recruitment to its customer base. The majority of recruitments at Zigsaw are conducted via Social Media and their versatile job portal is suitable for both startups as well as the corporate sector. Zigsaw provides both free models to help employers find talent and the Premium Model (Dedicated hiring/referral hire) to help employers find candidates for key positions.

  • LinkedIn (Free and paid)

It is thought to be one of the most reputable job sites in India for professionals of mid-level working in the corporate world. Employers and HR professionals are able to post their advertisements and posts on LinkedIn. A lot of professionals utilize this social network as a job search site to locate the Job they want. The site lets job seekers make a profile free of charge and make it accessible to employers. The site also offers a way for those who are serious about finding a job to update the quality of their LinkedIn page. page. All it is an employer has for them to accomplish as a recruitment manager is to establish an effort to connect with applicants already on LinkedIn.

It was among the first job sites that are available in India, Naukri has expanded rapidly over time and has led to a revolutionary change in the field of human resources and staffing, particularly in India. Naukri is among the most popular websites offering jobs for free among other job websites in India. The majority of users do not have to pay a penny making an application on this website. Naukri however, has recently added more services to its offer and now has a premium subscription-based service that promises to match applicants with the top jobs that match your credentials and profile of applicants.

  • Times Jobs (Limited FREE)

It is the most popular job site in India controlled by Times Group which features all the most sought-after jobs nation across the globe and from Middle- East Asia. It allows applicants to search for jobs that meet their needs and employers can also post their job openings for free of cost up to the first age. As the most popular employment website it contains all pertinent job listings from large-fat Indian as well as Middle East companies which helps candidates to find their dream job.

  • Quikr (Limited FREE)

It’s a completely free job site that provides other services, such as selling and buying second-hand and used goods and also recruiting. The benefit of Quickr is that individuals can post jobs for free for all sorts of jobs particularly common jobs like domestic helpers, drivers, cooks as well as many other important professions.

  • Internshala (FREE)

Internshala is a reputable free job-posting website in India that boasts of connecting learners with their ideal employers in India. It is ideal for employers who are looking to post on behalf of students for internship opportunities. It’s the first step to a promising career. Internshala lets students find internships by the stream, location, company, and length.

  • Shine (Paid)

Many multinational corporations find the Shine website to be the most suitable to advertise their best positions on Shine because the USP of the site is that it aims to market it aggressively for those who are employed and looking for a new job.

Monster is a worldwide employment website that allows users to search for jobs. It has grown its presence throughout the world and even includes India. It’s among the top job sites in India and provides a wide range of jobs, including for international companies on its job site. Monster India is a trustworthy website for Indians who are looking for work abroad specifically within the Middle East & Southeast Asia. It permits its users to look for jobs in various categories, including government jobs, contract jobs as well as Walk-in and fresher jobs.

  • The Upwork (Commission Fee)

Upwork is one of the most simple job websites for freelancers from India. The US-based website has listings all over the globe. The greatest benefit is that it lets users select from an easily accessible talent pool and complete short projects faster. The site allows applicants as well as employers to make an account for freelance projects. Upwork will take a portion of the amount paid when the task is successfully completed. It’s 100% transparent and authentic. Employers can meet talented freelancers from all over the globe to work on short-term OR short-term OR freelance work.

Benefits of hiring online through job portals

  1. It’s affordable: Placing ads for jobs online on the Internet is much less expensive than advertising in magazines, newspapers as well as other publications. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter could make promoting an advantage a completely cost-free exercise for businesses.
  2. Candidates are also able to allow employers to look over their CVs on the internet, and also update them periodically. That means recruiters can have an increased pool of applicants to select from.
  3. Social media accounts to help spread the word and draw more visitors to your website as well as social media profiles.
  4. This means that the environmental footprint is lower than traditional methods of recruiting.

Step by Step Guide to hiring a team online to India 2021

  1. Find out the requirements for a job
  2. Post your job on online job portals for free
  3. Search for candidates on professional platforms or portfolio websites. You can make use of the power of these Facebook Groups and WhatsApp groups to find job-applications
  4. Do a basic telephone screening
  5. Set up an interview with the HR Manager and take notes
  6. Conduct the final round of interview
  7. Extend job offer
  8. Onboard New Hire

The article above lists some of the best job-searching sites that employers can use in India (including free and paid). The article also outlines the benefits of hiring on the internet and gives step-by-step instructions to HR Executives who want to recruit talented employees. If you encounter any difficulties you may contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist you. Contact details are listed below.

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