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Top 10 Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books

Ebooks or printed books, which is better? It is a heated argument that has been here since the advent of eBooks. And it is especially between eBooks creators and printing houses. The arrival of eBooks has shifted many people towards it; however, printed books are also read by people worldwide. This blog post will discuss ten ways eBooks are better than printed books and discuss the disadvantages of eBooks.

10 Benefits of Ebook 

1. Environment Friendly

The most significant advantage that eBooks hold over printed books is that it doesn’t require destroying trees by cutting them down to make paper and print millions of books. Imagine how many trees they cut when a single book gets sold millions of times.

2. Less Cost

When you finally complete eBook wiring, and it is ready to sell, it doesn’t cause you a lot of investment to sell them. You don’t need to pay for printing costs, the transport fare which distributes books to different bookstores. However, you still pay for editing, book cover, and marketing other than the printing cost, unless you do all these things yourself.

3. Quick Delivery

When a person sees your eBook online, whether on amazon prime or a blog website, he needs to add it to his cart and order the book, and the moment he pays for it, he owns the book, and he can read it. It doesn’t even take 10 minutes, and you get the book. You don’t need to go to a store to buy it or order it to wait for another day for the delivery man to deliver the book to your home.

4. Convenient

Ebooks don’t ask you for a bookshelf, table, or any sort of space in your home to keep them, whether you have one eBook or a hundred. Since they are stored as pdfs on your mobile phones, you can access them everywhere easily, carrying nothing excessively since you carry mobile phones everywhere. You can also read your eBook in the absolute dark since reading on screen doesn’t require lights around.

5. Acts like Audiobooks

Kindles have a built-in option of reading aloud in them, acting like audiobooks. So, you can listen to a book if you are not feeling like reading it. However, you might not enjoy listening to the narration since they are not real audiobooks. But technically, they are audiobooks.

6. Zoom in

Many people have trouble reading printed books, and they need to focus more closely to understand what’s written. You can zoom in and out according to your desired font size in ebooks.

7. Sharing your Book

When you talk about a book with your friend on the phone that you recently bought, you can’t share with your friend the entire book since even if you share an image of a specific page by capturing it, you can’t do it for 250 pages easily. However, you can share your eBook with anyone by sending him the entire file, no matter how many pages it has.

8. Multi-Languages

If you buy a printed book, you don’t get it in multiple languages in a single book, and you need to buy each translation separately. However, some eBooks come in various languages, and you can choose whatever language in which you want to read the book.

9. Bookmark feature

You don’t need to put a piece of paper or a thread between pages to remember that you left it there reading last time. You can do it using the bookmark feature that would indicate that you left it on a specific page last time. Although, there is not much difference since, in both books, leave a mark from where you’d continue later.

10. No late fee

When you borrow books from the library, you get fined if you don’t return them within the date. Ebooks have nothing like that. You don’t borrow eBooks. Libraries now offer ebooks whose license automatically expires, and you don’t need to return them.

Bad Side of Ebooks

Digital books can become harmful to our eyes. We already use cellphones and computers a lot, and if we also read books by staring at the screen, it becomes a very unhealthy practice. Moreover, it can be avoided if we lessen the use of our screen time. And people who use a lot of computers at the office don’t even get time to read printed books. So, it would be beneficial for them if they adjust to dedicate a little time to reading and understanding the text. Even if they are reading fiction and novels, they want to read them on their computer or Kindle; they can allocate time to read the book.

Power Requirement

You don’t have access to your eBooks 24/7 because you would need to charge your Kindle or your cellphone at times, so if you are somewhere where you don’t have power available, you might not be able to read your eBooks after some time unless you charge it.

Final Word

We have discussed the advantages of eBooks by describing ten points. We also talked about the negative side of eBooks. In some aspects, eBooks are best, and other printed books are better. So, both have benefits of their own. We can’t say eBooks are better than printed books and vice versa. If you have been writing an ebook for the first time or have created one, you can reach out to good ebook editing services that would help you improve your eBook and publish it.

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