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Tools That Every Graphic Designer Must Utilize

Creating anything requires a set of tools. A doctor cannot undergo surgery without surgical tools. A musician needs musical instruments to play music. Just like that, there are certain tools a graphic designer needs to work. The best local graphic designers use excellent tools to capture shapes and colors. 

As time is passing, the tools for graphic design are getting more and more sophisticated. To be a successful graphic designer you need to learn skills using those graphic designing tools. 

However, choosing the right set of tools to get started with your work is not as easy as it may sound. We have listed some of the best tools available for graphic designing that are highly recommended. 

Best Tools Available For Graphic Designing

1. Proofing Tool 

The design you create has to be checked at various levels before making it final. A proofing tool helps you manage that in a hassle-free manner. Online proofing tools help you make instant changes in your design.

2. Adobe photoshop

To create images and edit photographs, a graphic designer can use Adobe photoshop. Photoshop is a digital tool used for designing. You can even alter mistakes by photoshopping them into something else according to your desire. Photoshop allows you to play with themes and colors of images and videos. Using photoshop software, you can mix and match images with text. Adding filters and masks changes the original photographs into something that looks more aesthetic by changing the underlying colors and themes. Go to this site if you need Top Graphic Designers.

3. Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator keeps releasing new features that can be used for graphic designing such as stylish fonts, and tools to crop images and create documents in a much faster way. Anything you imagine can now be designed using Adobe illustrator. It is software used to create vector graphics. Graphic designers use adobe illustrator to create logos, icons, posters, and patterns.

4. iDisplay

It allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a side monitor for your Mac or Windows PC. This will help you get your artwork into a second work screen. 

5. Filestage

It gives graphic designer complete control over the content review process. Filestage is easy to use and helps you share, discuss, and approve your files. 

6. PicsArt

PicsArt provides you with all the necessary photo editing tools that help you design like an expert even if you are not one. This editor is free. From removing the background to creating everything from scratch, you can do it all using PicsArt. The magical effects of PicsArt can completely transform a picture. With just a few taps, you can edit your photo using unique photo effects.

7. Desygner

Desygner’s editor tool provides you with a number of templates, icons, and pre-made banners. Using them will not only save your time but will also make your design stand out. Desygner also allows you to edit pdfs, files, and documents. If you want to customize your design, using this editor is one of the best options. 

8. DesignBold

This amazing tool provides you with thousands of layouts and stunning design options. To design and customize your website, Designbold is the best tool to use. It allows you to create any kind of design you want. It is easy to use for both starters and professionals. Click here to find Graphic Designer Firm.

9. Logaster

Logaster allows you to create logos without spending much time. If you want to save time, use this tool as it allows you to create many designs within minutes. Along with your logo, you can also create your business cards and social media images. The logos you create can be edited and downloaded.

10. Pixelmator

Pixelmator helps you build up multiple projects with tools that allow you to resize, move and arrange in layers. It has unique paint brushes to inspire the painter in you. The unique texture of brushes gives a glorious blend to your art. Make your design as aesthetic and beautiful as you want with this tool. 

11. Sublime text

Sublime Text is a text editor that most people enjoy using the most. With its simple and easy-to-use features, this tool has gained popularity within the graphic designer’s community. It helps you filter a document and make quick edits. It provides amazing shortcuts that can save your time and energy. 

12. Coolers

Choosing the perfect color combination is a difficult task but with Coolers, it has now been made easy. Coolers provide you with a color palette with shades of your own choice. Choose the colors you love the most and then generate a color palette you would want to use for your design

13. Palleton

Choosing the right color combinations is one of the most important choices you have to make as a graphic designer. Palleton is the tool that provides you with the best color combinations that go well with your design. The importance of finding the right color combination cannot be underestimated and Palleton will help you find the color combination you are looking for.

14. Diigo

To highlight any part of your design and to add sticky notes, you can use Diigo. It can also be considered a tool for bookmarking as it allows you to tag others and share pages with them. The advanced features of Diigo are the reason why millions of designers are using this tool. 

15. Pixlr

Pixlr is a photo editor that is easy to use with its simple features. It offers some quick and easy-to-share photo editing options. Not only can you crop and resize your photographs, but you can also reshape them as you want.

16. Sketch 3

Your design is incomplete without symbols with powerful meaning and illustration. Using Sketch 3 will allow you to combine a number of symbols and create a unique symbol that you can add to your design. It is a great tool and every graphic designer should give it a try.


Being a great graphic designer doesn’t just depend on your ideas and skills. You can have all the creative ideas in the world but without the right tools, you will not be able to implement them. To sail smoothly in your journey as a graphic designer, you have to first find the tools that suit you the most.

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