Tips to Source Best Selling Products on Amazon

If you’ve ever thought of selling your products on Amazon the options of selling your products can appear overwhelming.

12 million items Amazon sells itself, along with the third-party seller’s products, there are more than 300 million items already sold.

Anyone can open an account on Seller Central account and start selling products through the eCommerce site however, how do you get items that are the top-selling items on Amazon? It’s not only luck.

It might seem as if some of the best-selling products are simply taking a shot in the dark and striking it big when their products go up in the market However, this isn’t the truth.

An enormous amount of research and planning is involved in launching the best-selling products for sale on Amazon. You must be aware of the market, the best places to find it, and the most efficient ways to get your product into Amazon’s warehouses.

It’s not as easy as picking a random item and putting your hopes on the fact that it will be a success. There’s a lot of work to be done and we’re here to assist. 

Follow these steps to discover the newest most popular products on Amazon.

1. Use a Product Finder Tool

It is possible to generate product ideas by contemplating the items you use in your everyday life. But tools for finding products such as Amazon product research from SellerApp can also provide you useful Amazon details about actual items that are currently sold on the website.

This tool lets you search by keyword, product brand, category, and keyword and comes with sophisticated filters that allow you to narrow your results to those that match your specific selling needs.

2. Complete Market Research

The success of an Amazon product relies upon the research you conduct before the purchase. You shouldn’t just pick an item and sell it without any understanding.

Make sure you conduct thorough market research before deciding on the final product. 

This includes researching competitors’ products available on the market and also learning about past market performance as well as the future trends in the market.

3. Look for Products to Source

After you’ve settled on a concept for your product It’s time to begin planning where to source the product. 

Many private label retailers use Alibaba to find their most popular items on Amazon because the website lets them contact a wide range of manufacturers across the world.

Alibaba lets you search for a specific item and provides a list of manufacturers manufacturing similar items. 

If you come across an item you like, click on the result to access the full details about the product and the manufacturer, and then get in touch with the manufacturer.

To know how to source products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA, click here. 

4. Connect with a variety of Manufacturers

Once you’ve found a product you’re looking at, it’s the right time to establish connections with the manufacturers. 

It is important to contact multiple manufacturers to discover the ideal product at a reasonable time. 

We suggest contacting around 10 manufacturers who offer items that will meet your needs.

5. Order Samples

When you first make contact with suppliers, keep track of who responds promptly or is the most accommodating to any queries you might have because they are good indicators of their reliability. 

This will help reduce your list of 10 suppliers down to three that you can order samples from. Being able to see the product in person can help determine which one is the most suitable for you.

When you purchase samples, you’ll pay a more expensive cost for the manufacturing process and air transportation. 

6. Compare Samples and Manufacturers

When your samples arrive take a close look at them to determine the high-quality materials and workmanship. Be sure the product complies with all the specifications that you requested.

If you’ve purchased samples from more than one company Now is the perfect time to review them and discover which one could be one of the most popular products on Amazon.

7. Ensure Shipment is Inspected

To assure that the item is of high quality, it’s an ideal idea to have every shipment checked. Products aren’t the most popular items on Amazon when they’re defective or aren’t high-quality and this is a vital measure. 

You can contact an inspector within the country where you manufacture or decide to conduct this in the United States. 

Alibaba provides a service to connect you to inspectors who can then record and document any issues. 

8. Plan Ahead

Before you place an order for stocks, it is important to think about the amount you’ll need and the price of every new order. 

It’s recommended to think about planning at least two months’ supply of stock. The Amazon cost calculator included in Market Intelligence will help you to get an idea of the quantity of inventory you’ll require.

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