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Things to put in mind before booking the desert safari Dubai tour:

We all know about the desert safari Dubai. The Arabian desert is considered the most attractive and best place to visit. Every year too many visitors come to this place to spend holidays and perform various unique activities. However, the Dubai desert safari provides you the opportunity to experience unique activities. Dune bashing, hot air ballooning, camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, and other activities included. So, in this article, we will tell you what things to put in mind before booking the desert safari tour.


The first thing you should know is that all the desert safari Dubai are established in the various camps. These camps are in the Arabian desert, far from the central city. The desert safari tour will start from your hotel location or selected place. It is because the tour operators will pick you up from your hotel.

So, the main thing is that you don’t need to take the stress of going to the Arabian desert. The best part of all Dubai desert safari is that you will be transferred to the hotel after performing all activities.


There are various camp locations in the Arabian desert. The Dubai desert conservation reserve, Lahbab desert, and the Hatta Mountains. All these are the most famous and well-known camps of desert safari. Remember that in all these camps, your involvement will be extraordinary.

However, the Lahbab desert camp is famous for providing the opportunity of experiencing the desert culture. The conservation reserve is famous for its untamed life.


If we talk about the activities you can perform on the desert safari Dubai tour, there are too many. The first activity is the dune bashing that you experience in the 4×4 vehicle. It might be the Land Cruiser, Hummer, or another.

Other than this, you can also take part in other fantastic activities. Quad biking, hot air ballooning, sandboarding, camel riding, henna painting, shisha smoking, and many others. You also have the opportunity to take some fantastic pictures.


When the sun sets, you will get a chance to spend supper and a fantastic night. However, the supper is a 3-course buffet; it includes the different cooking styles from the entire world.

However, when you make your buffet under the clear sky, then at that time you will enjoy the live entertainment show. These shows include the belly dance performance, Tanura shows, and the fire shows.

After enjoying the buffet dinner and live entertainment shows, you can spend the entire night. We guarantee that this night under the clear sky will be the best night of your life. However, spending the night is the best option for all the partners who want to have a memorable night.

Financial planning:

The next thing you should consider is the price of the Dubai desert safari package. For this, you have to compare the packages of different companies. After this, select the package that is according to your budget. But don’t forget to check the package details, what they are providing in the package.

Other than this, you should check the eating options present in the packages. However, too many desert safari Dubai tour packages include complimentary breakfast and dinner. If you book a desert safari package on the internet, then it might be possible that you will get a discount. You will get the promo code for discounts on different occasions and events.

Timings of the desert safari:

You will find the different timings of the desert safari. All desert safari provides you with a different experience. So, always select the desert safari according to your schedule. We recommend you choose the evening or the night safaris.

If you are a person who doesn’t have enough time, then the morning desert safari is the best option for you. However, the evening desert safari is the best for those who have too much free time and want to enjoy it with family. If you’re going to come with your partner and have a memorable night, then the overnight safari is the best option.

Things you can perform during the desert safari tour:

  • Always remember, go for the safari on the jeep
  • Don’t forget to experience the view of the desert with the hot air balloon.
  • Enjoy the sandboarding activity that is different from snowboarding.
  • Explore the entire desert with the help of a camel ride.
  • Experience the buggy and quad biking ride.
  • Don’t forget to explore the Hatta Heritage Village.
  • It would help if you experienced the wildlife of the Arabian desert.

Things you can do before the Dubai desert safari tour:

  • Remember that don’t overheat.
  • Always take the Anti-dizziness medication.
  • Book the package according to your schedule.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes.
  • Take sunscreen lotion for protection.
  • Don’t forget to take the best camera.

Tips and tricks for the desert safari Dubai:

The Dubai desert safari tour allows you to perform various thrilling activities. Besides this, you can also capture the amazing sunrise and sunset views. Now we will tell you some essential tips that will help you prepare for the desert safari Dubai.

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