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The Secret To Effective Amazon Campaign Reporting

Every  Amazon PPC manager has been there, scouring over reports from your Amazon PPC campaign reports, trying to find important numbers and information from the sea of data.

A few Amazon PPC-ers believe that reporting is just a lot of work with no substance. They’re not.

The reports you receive give you the chance to think about and assess your strategy and actions, as well as confirm or debunk old notions and synthesize concepts to improve and develop business intelligence that can help you understand what’s working in your own account.

The quality of your Amazon report is only as effective as how you do your Amazon PPC analysis as a PPC manager.

Information that is not properly analyzed and decision-making is just a collection of numbers on a sheet.

In order to give each campaign and report to receive the same treatment and use a standard procedure for looking through your campaign.

How Not to Do Amazon Campaign Reporting

To show the most well-known way that is Amazon “reporting,” let’s take an Amazon seller, and name the seller Lazy Larry. 

When Lazy Larry takes an information-driven decision regarding a campaign, he pulls an account, glances at it, and then makes an instant decision from there , without doing any further analysis. This isn’t the way to report.

It’s the minimum you can study to assess your campaign’s performance.

Solid, reliable reporting is essential to a well-informed Amazon strategy optimization. You need proof that your plan for performance will be successful.

Amazon Reporting for Your Strategic Mission

To make your reporting more effective, dive to Your Amazon report with your strategy in your head. Are you looking to boost the amount of money you earn? Do you want to increase awareness?

Whatever your objective is you must write it down prior to reviewing your report and keep it in your mind throughout the entire duration.

This will help you maintain an even eye for evaluating your data. Furthermore, it provides you with an accurate gauge of the degree to which your goals are realistic. are.

Keeping your focus on your goal will help you make an informed judgment of your performance metrics. If you’re getting closer to your goals over time it’s obvious that your results are good based on the goals you’re aiming to accomplish.

Trend Analysis

Without a thorough knowledge of the cycles and trends that have been observed over time, it is difficult to make informed decisions about optimization for your future campaigns.

This is especially applicable to products that have seasons in the data. Without information, a 3 month decline in conversions can make you feel uncomfortable however, if it’s the month of June and the advertisement is for snow blowers, it makes sense.

Reports are the best way to perform your trend analysis. Check out patterns in time, and think about how it could follow that trend or alter direction in response to shifts in the data.

Trend analysis can also give you insight into the way that different Amazon KPIs interact with each other during your campaigns.

As an example the lowering of bids can reduce ACOS for one particular campaign however, it could be the exact opposite in a different campaign due to other factors at play such as ad placement and the diversity of search terms.

Learning from Your Amazon Reports

If there’s an Amazon Advertising principle we stand above other principles is that you must always be learning and growing. The business world on Amazon is constantly changing and you must continue to expand and improve your knowledge base to stay on top of the latest trends.

Your campaigns aren’t any more or less the same, which is why your Amazon reports are a great way to discover more about the results. They aid you in determining the best and worst and how certain things have changed.

Imagine it as watching the campaign’s progress every time you release a new report, you learn more about them and gain an idea of what they like and dislike. You get to know what they think of when you perform certain actions or make adjustments.

Improving Your Campaigns with Amazon Reporting

After you’ve examined your data through a goal-oriented analysis, compared your recent results to previous trends and cycles, as well as identified the causes of the changes in your metrics, it’s time to come up with ways to enhance your campaign going forward.

As you’re completing your reports, you need to begin to formulate your strategy for the best way to achieve your goals or to get your campaign back on track.

This can be made simpler by knowing what effect your actions have been able to have on your most important measures, both in the recent and in the past.

If your previous strategy did not yield the results you expected then you should never apply that strategy in the future.

Be clear about your expectations regarding the outcomes for Your Amazon PPC optimization tasks. These expectations will help you determine the success of your overall strategy as you review your data.

Key Takeaways

For you to make informed, efficient Amazon PPC decisions, your optimization should be driven by data. In order to do this you must look at a thorough, long-term review of your reports and look at not only the information, but also the relationship between your strategy as well as KPI changes.

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