One of the advantages of SMD screens installed in the window is that they can catch the eye of a person even from a distance. This will depend in particular on the size of the solution used.

Depending on the location, the target of the showcase will be different. If we communicate with passers-by who pass in front of the window, we will then favor a reduced size and a high image quality. This is why, in general, monitors are more conducive to proximity visibility.

smd screens
smd screens

Conversely, if the location makes it possible to be visible from the roadway or by passers-by from several meters away, a large screen is preferred so that the message is large enough to be seen correctly from a distance.

However, this will also, and above all depend on the size of the showcase. Indeed, it must be able to offer sufficient surface for a screen, especially if it is large. In addition, the level of obstruction generated by the screen must also be taken into account.

A showcase is also a source of natural light for a shop. Golds a screen according to the surface which it occupies will be able to occult the incoming light. However, in the LED screen market, there are also transparent screen solutions. These allow communication to the outside without obscuring daylight.


As mentioned above, the choice of the screen will mainly depend on what you want to do with it.
Indeed, if the objective is to share precise information. To transmit messages with a certain reading time. So it is better to choose a proximity visibility solution such as a window monitor.
Conversely, if the goal is to attract attention and get noticed. Then the SMD Screens is the best solution. Provided you have enough space.

However, you also need to take your budget into account. Indeed, depending on the technology and the size, the price will be higher or lower. Generally speaking, monitors are relatively cheaper than SMD screens. Indeed, the latter implies a large area and therefore a higher price. However, even a professional-grade monitor with sufficient brightness runs into the thousands.

Conclusion of SMD Screens

The choice of a screen in the window will therefore depend on several criteria. These are to be modulated to meet your need for visibility and the communication objective. These two elements will directly impact the effectiveness of a display screen as well as its profitability. If the screen is visible and meets the need for communication, then it will necessarily be an asset for the window. These elements will then be modulated according to the available budget.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your choice, our team of experts can advise you. We have been offering dynamic display solutions to professionals for over 25 years and are specialists in giant LED screens. You can also discover our display screen offer on the dedicated page.

Particularly in terms of production costs and environmental impact. From an ecological point of view, the screen is certainly not neutral but has a better carbon footprint than other urban display solutions.

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