The most reliable types of engine oil.

The types of engine oil you choose determines the frequency of oil changes you will undertake. Some oils will call for more frequent changing when compared to others. This is because of their production process and oil components.

Differences amongst the different types of oil.

Apart from the number of oil changes there are a number of distinguishing factors amongst the oil’s. Another fact is the level of viscosity of the oil. This draws our attention to the oil’s capacity to flow when the engine is cold. That is, during an engine start. Some oils will take more time to flow throughout the engine block when the engine is at starting temperature. With these types of oils, it is advisable to let the engine warm up first before taking off. Further, warming up the car also helps to facilitate the engine coolant to flow around the engine block. So that it can cool the engine as you drive.

Engine oil is a part of the car engine cooling components. Apart from the cooling responsibility, engine oil also plays a number of roles within the engine block. For example, oil usually acts a lubricant which prevents excess friction amongst the moving engine parts. Further, oil usually plays an important role in cleaning the engine block. It eliminates the accumulated particles and iron filings that results from the engine parts that grind against each other. This is the reason for oil changes. If the oil accumulates too many material elements, it changes color. Which inhibits it’s viscosity, coolant and lubrication capacity.

In addition to all that, engine oil prevents corrosion within the moving parts of the engine. Corrosion is facilitated by too much friction as well as rust. Oil does this by preventing oxidation which leads to rusting. This is experienced whereby the oil forms a protective layer on the engine’s parts.

Those are some of the things to consider when choosing your engine oil. On the other hand there are three major types of car engine oil.

Types of engine oil

1. Mineral oil.

That’s the oldest type of engine oil in the market. It’s properties are very poor and that’s why it’s not suitable for  use in vehicles of large engine sizes that are high performance. For example, the Chevrolet Corvette. Mineral oil does not have high viscosity so you should wait for the engine to warm up fast before taking off. This gives the oil sufficient time to circulate the engine block.

Further, mineral oil is not as stable as the other oils when it comes to handling extreme temperatures. The temperatures usually upset the oil’s composition hence making it unstable. This prevents it from carrying out its functions. Additionally, this type of car engine oil requires frequent oil changes because it accumulates a lot of elements.

types of engine oil

2. Full Synthetic oil.

This type of oil undergoes laboratory modifications in order to posses the desired characteristics for higher performance. Without a doubt, it is at the top of our list because it’s the best amongst the others. This type of oil possesses superior characteristics in terms of its lubrication capacity.

That means that the oil has a high capability to prevent friction within the engine. Further this gives the oil superior corrosion prevention capacity. Which means that this oil is good at preventing oxidation.  This oxidation leads to rusting.

Full synthetic oil is also superior when it comes to viscosity capabilities. This type of car engine oil does not require for the engine to get warmed up first for it to flow through out the engine block. When the engine starts, the oil is already viscous enough to flow well through the engine block.

Additionally, full Synthetic oil possesses better engine cleaning properties than the other types of car engine oils. The oil is made in such a way that it removes sludge from the engine block, afterwards it creates an oily layer that prevents future accumulation and attachment of any debris. Further this oil layer prevents the removing of metal fillings during corrosion.

3. Semi Synthetic Oil.

This type of oil is a mixture of the fully synthetic and mineral oils. That gives it a balance of the characteristics exhibited by those two types of oils. Apart from the characteristics of both, the oil also exhibits quality performance which balances with the oil’s price.

Semi Synthetic oil is made to improve on the mineral oil’s performance capacity. Firstly, the oil’s viscosity is higher but that doesn’t mean that engine warm-up is unnecessary. You are still encouraged to warm it up before taking off. Otherwise, you can take off at low speeds before acceleration which gives the oil some time to flow into the engine block.

Further this oil does not require frequent changes when compared to the mineral oil. Because it’s properties allow it to clean the engine block without accumulating too much particle elements. Further, the oil offers protection which prevents future accumulation of the particles. That’s a property that comes from the fully synthetic oil.

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