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The Most Effective Way to Draw a Unicorn

The Most Effective Way to Draw a Unicorn. This drawing exercise will gradually show you the best way to draw a simple unicorn. You can weed out the first line of horn that is outside of the unicorn’s whorls. All in all, they have ovals and not triangular lines.

Use any means to illustrate this unicorn drawing.

Unicorns are lovely dream animals. The main thing when drawing unicorns is to make the horn so it seems like a shell. There are also many fun ways to vary this design. Use any medium, e.g., a gradient pen, a marker, etc.

Guidelines for Drawing a Unicorn

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle in the middle of the paper.

Step 2

Then draw the nose of the unicorn. Start at the bottom of the circle and fold your nose over the loop.

Step 3

Then draw the front of the unicorn’s neck to tilt it.

Step 4

Then, draw the top of the unicorn’s head at that point. Define this border to associate the unicorn’s back and draw a twist at the base. This twist will be a unicorn hairpiece.

Step 5

Then, at this point, draw the unicorn’s horn. Start at the bottom of the tube and define a folded edge for the base. This base should cover the head a bit. Then let the horn reach a point like you are drawing a triangle.

Step 6

Then, draw the eye so that it’s inside the circle below. Draw an inverted curve for her nose. Also, notice that part of the interaction is erased so that only the essential element is shown.

Step 7

Next, draw the ears. The ear base piece on the front covers part of the head. The back ear does not cover. Likewise, it eliminates the inner part of the back ear.

Step 8

Daw the hair. Start by defining a border from the left horn piece and covering the back ear. Go behind the front ear and demarcate the wall with the left edge of the paper. Then, take a spin out in front of the unicorn horn at that point.

Step 9

Then draw the twist near the front ear. Similarly, define a border on the inside of the front crease and a few lines on the hair at the back.

Step 10

Draw the part of the unicorn’s hair on the right half of its neck. Spiral borders to make it look twisted.

Step 11

Next, add all the lighter lines on the hair on the right side.

Step 12

To make the horn appear spiral, draw ovals inside the tube. Let these ovals run on a level plane, starting at the base. Each oval gets smaller and smaller as you work directly.

Step 13

Discretion: You can weed out the first line of horn that is outside of the unicorn’s whorls. All in all, they have ovals and not triangular lines.

Step 14

You can make the nose look bent down as a final product, as shown in the red lines below.

Step 15

The final result. Eliminate all tramp lines and all circles in the central aspect.

Done drawn

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