The Journey of Human Souls after Death

In Islam, visualize yourself at the time of your death. What notions do you entertain? Do you recall family and friends? Panic? Regrets? Allah SWT’s (God’s) remembrance? What exactly is death? What happens to us once we die? What is it like to live in the Hereafter, this weird new place after death? Do we lose awareness of our existence? Where does our soul go? Are our feelings and thoughts identical? Let’s discuss life after death with the Quran teacher.

The indescribable sensation of crossing the threshold between this world and the next cannot be defined in words nor imagined in the intellect; heavenly revelation and inspiration are required to comprehend it. Let us spend the next few seconds attempting to comprehend death, the sole absolute in existence.

Sometimes, we may not want to know about the procedures after we die out of fear or a desire to avoid thinking about it. This is not, however, the mindset of a Muslim. Priority should be given to knowing and comprehending death so we may live our lives accordingly. The prophet (saw) advised, “Live in this world as though you were a foreigner or traveler.” [Muslim] We are on a trip and should be aware of the entire plan, not just a portion.

Death is a certainty. It is the only thing in life that we can be confident of. We are destined to perish. No matter who they are, every soul will experience death. This is repeatedly affirmed in the Quran:

“Every soul will taste death, and only on the Day of Judgment will you receive your full compensation.” (Quran 3:185)

Death is not complete annihilation;

Both the living and the dead remain conscious, yet there is an incomparable difference between them. Death is only the transition from one realm to the next. It is comparable to traveling through a wormhole to a different dimension of existence.

The fact that we die every night and Allah gives us a new opportunity at life when we awaken the next morning is truly something to ponder.

During this time, there were also continual biological processes of life and death. Life and death occur in every cell, organ, and organ system. Every fraction of a second, several hundreds of thousands of enzyme processes occur in the body. Some of these biochemical reactions are used to manufacture living substances, while others are employed to generate nonliving substances or to eliminate living substances.

Neither does anyone have the right to commit suicide?

If they do, they will be sent to Hell automatically. Only the One who created life has the authority to take life.

For individuals who have lived a life of evil, removing the soul is arduous and challenging. Occasionally, multiple angels must collaborate to beat the face and back of the corpse. But for those who have lived virtuously, the soul yearns to see its Lord and departs the body effortlessly, like a drop of water dripping out. A ray of sunlight-like light and a lovely scent emanate from the spirit. Then, it ascends between rows of angels, but those there cannot see or smell it. The departed is interrogated, punished, beaten, and made to lament and scream. All this occurs when they are dead and surrounded by their relatives, but they neither hear nor see it. The dreaming individual either enjoys their dream or is troubled by it, whereas a person awake cannot perceive what is occurring.

The Companions heard the meal being consumed praise Allah.

This was because the Companions possessed a purity of heart that no longer exists among us. All these things exist in our world, but we do not know of them. It is not an unreasonable inference to conclude that we are uninformed of the things in the Next World.

After the soul is taken, if it is a pure soul and has relatives in the Next World who are people of the Garden, they will come to meet it with great longing and happiness. They inquire about individuals still’ suffering’ in this world. The angels then transport the soul from one heaven to the next until it reaches the presence of Allah, at which point it returns to witness the body’s washing, shrouding, and funeral procession. It either states, “Take me onward! “Proceed with me!” or “Where are you bringing me?” The living does not hear any of this. The soul returns and floats over the body until the corpse is deposited in the tomb.

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