The four Numerous Common Reasons For Car Breakdowns

Experiencing a car breakdown is an inconvenience that every car owner wishes to avoid. Dealing with a car breakdown can ruin your day, stress you out, and mess up your monthly budget. So, what do you do to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly without stranding you by the side of the highway? The best solution is to be aware of the potential troublesome regions and take them seriously. Sydney Wrecker happy to provide a list of the most common reasons for car breakdowns. People also looking to sell used damage cars for cash in Sydney.

Here’s a list of the most common reasons for car breakdowns and what you need to do to avoid them:

Battery Failure

A flat battery is easily the most common cause of a breakdown. If you tend to use your car only for short rides within the city, you risk draining your battery with braking, stopping and starting.

The best way to avoid this is to take your car on a long drive on a nice sunny day (so you won’t have to use the lights, the wipers or the heater). Doing this will give the battery an option to recharge.

Another common reason for a dead battery is leaving the lights on overnight, quickly draining the battery. To ensure that your battery is in good condition, give your car regular service and double-check whether they looked at the batteries.

Tyre Trouble

Of course, it is no surprise that the second most common reason car owners call for assistance is a flat or damaged tyre. Tyre damage can happen gradually over time, making it difficult to notice. But it should be anticipated, and precautions are taken to prevent it.

After all, your car will be driving over potholes, uphill lanes, unpaved roads and whatnot frequently & some wear tear are to be expected.

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Here’s a quick list of things to check regularly to avoid having a flat tyre. Number one is to check the tyre tread and pressure frequently to ensure your tyres are functioning optimally. Also, be aware of any damage to the tyre’s wall. Like stones or nails, foreign objects could get caught within the tyre and lead to a flat.

Spark Plug Woes

Spark plugs work by generating a spark, which ignites the engine’s fuel and air, resulting in the pistons moving up and down. When spark plugs wear out, they require to be replaced.

The best way to avoid a spark plug issue is to give your car regular service, where they will ensure that the spark plug is in perfect working condition.

Clutch Cable Breakage

Each time you shift gears, you rely upon the cable for the clutch. The driving you do determines the lifespan of your grip. Certain people are a bit too heavy-footed for the grip. In excess use, it can result in the clutch cables wearing out. The challenge of a broken clutch is that it could not be any indications or warning signs. Your grip works fine for a moment; the next, it’s not.

The best approach to dealing with this issue is to be proactive and ensure your car is regularly serviced. You can also extend your clutch cable’s life span by changing your driving manners. Learn to use the clutch only when required. Doing this will also help you obtain more mileage from your fuel.

Although not a breakdown issue per se, one of the other most common reasons car owners call for assistance is lost or locked-in keys; having a spare key stored somewhere safe can be the best quick fix in such a scenario. If not, you can contact the main dealers for a replacement.

A car breakdown is something that every car owner dreads. When you’re on your way to that important meeting or a weekend trip with your family, the last thing you need is to have your car break down. But, if you’re regularly organized and regularly have your car serviced and checked out by mechanics, you have a very high possibility of avoiding such untimely car trouble.


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