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The complex financial system behind NASDAQ

Do you realize that market experts consider NASDAQ as being subordinate to the New York Stock Exchange on the list of stock exchanges based on the market capitalization of shares exchanged? However, NASDAQ was the very first stock exchange that was electronic. To gain an understanding of the workings and pitfalls of NASDAQ we need to dive into its “object of desire’ by trading using financial securities.

NASDAQ (also known as Nasdaq Stock Market Nasdaq, also known as the Nasdaq Stock Market an international New York City-based electronic marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to trade securities, which can be traded financial assets. The abbreviation is National Association Securities Dealers Automated Quotes. It is based on the same principles of a live financial market that is based on precise live quotes and deals. In essence, NASDAQ provides a platform that lets people make trades on stocks.

How does security work about finance?

Financial security provides peace of mind because you’re not having to worry about the cost of your monthly expenses. This also means you have enough money set aside to cover the unexpected costs and your financial objectives. Imagine a document of the exact amount of money that will provide the holder with the power to decide the best way and location to distribute the earnings of a business or a publicly-traded company that you have put your money into.

Beware, most financial securities do no longer refer to legal ownership over a company! It is a sign that you have ownership of an asset but do not take physical ownership of the asset. You can trade it which means you swap it for cash in certain situations. You can trade securities in the shape of negotiable bonds, stocks, and derivatives! When they first became available in a physical form, they are predominantly electronic now.

Equity Securities

A company may release equity security or shares of capital interest. If you buy a share or already own one it contributes to the capitalization of the business. The more shares you’re buying, the more your contribution will be to the company’s cash or earnings. If you invest a significant amount in equity-related securities, then you could become a shareholder, and ultimately, one of the shareholders of the company. As a shareholder, you will receive a number of the company’s profits and can also make a vote on its future. On the other hand, is that you’ll be paid once the financial obligations are cleared in bankruptcy. This is the most fortunate situation.

Debt Securities

If you give the loan of a business it is like buying the security of debt. This means that the company is obligated to pay the capital lender. Bonds, debentures, and commercial paper are securities that are of a fixed period, which differ in rates of interest, renewal dates the maturity of collateral, and so on. You are a debtor of the business, not the proprietor (as when it comes to equity-based securities).

The duration of corporate bonds is with a longer maturity. However, lenders receive interest on their loans until the bond is due. The general rule is that holder of debentures, should the company face bankruptcy, are paid first, and then ordinary shareholders. Because of this, debt securities are a more secure choice over equity security. However, with fixed rates of interest debt holders don’t receive any shares following the company’s earnings.

Derivative Securities

A bit more sophisticated than the other two, derivative security refers to a financier which’s worth is determined by the value of an asset like bonds, stocks currencies, and so on. Derivatives can be used to identify the various kinds of risks like currency fluctuations and sudden fluctuations in the rate of interest, changes in index prices, and so on.

The value of a derivative varies in proportion to the value of the asset that it is based on and frequently focuses on the market’s fragility. Market participants in the derivatives market often make bets on the cost of purchase which is not in line with their actual financial capacity. Ovik Mkrtchyan

NASDAQ’s complex working structure

Utilizing highly effective machines, NASDAQ manages to connect buyers and sellers. The fully-computerized system is comprised of an outstanding interface that lets dealers, brokers, and traffic controllers be granted an access point to their system. Traffic controllers play an essential role in this. They are also known as market makers, who buy and sell the stock for traders. Ovik Mkrtchyan

The other part of the platform is their matching system. It connects sellers and buyers when their prices are in line.

The final and possibly most important part is quote services based on demand and supply as well as pricing. They devised a sophisticated algorithm that updates information at the minute.

How do you place your company’s listing for listing on NASDAQ?

The National Association realizes electronic trade via ECN electronic communications networks. If you are looking to list your business on NASDAQ and be eligible for listing, you must satisfy certain conditions. For starters, you need to be permitted to sell 150,000 publicly traded shares, instead of the 1 million shares needed to be listed with the New York Stock Exchange. The shares you offer must not comprise the shares held by directors, officers, or owners with more than 10 percent or more of your company.

Then, “The minimum bid price is derived in section 5550(a) (2) of Nasdaq’s Equity Rules guide. It clearly says: “(a) Continued Listing Requirements for Primary Equity Securities: (2) Minimum bid price of at least $1 per share.” (Source the Bowser Report)

Thirdly, you should consider the entry fee to join the club. At first, listing the exact amount of shares NASDAQ will cost the investor $80,000. Additionally, you will have to pay an annual fee of $27,500.

Comparative with New York Stock Exchange

The NYSE gives more stability to the stocks they list over NASDAQ. Because of this, NYSE is charged companies with a $300,000 entry fee as well as an additional $69,800 that is regarded as annual commission. The market in New York hosts famous clients like Walmart and Coca-Cola as well as others. Their importance is not likely to change anytime shortly.

However, NASDAQ is a specialist in technology companies (for instance, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google, and others.). These companies are more prone to changes in the economy. Let’s imagine that many consumers are not pleased with the latest iPhone and the general discontent results in poor sales. Then, the cost of the stock drops on NASDAQ too.

Naturally, profit isn’t a thing without the right price. If you’re looking to earn quick profits in the short-term it is recommended to go with NASDAQ. There are quite high short-term capital gains taxes for capital gains on the Nasdaq market that are imposed by the federal government, or more precisely the taxman, known as and the Internal Revenue Service.

Fun facts on NASDAQ

NASDAQ is a well-known name for its modern technologies in the following fields that include computing hardware. Programming and telecommunications media, biotechnology transport, health care.

Thus, the Nasdaq-100 index, introduced in 1985, comprises Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks, and 100 of the largest multinational and domestic non-financial corporations. Each of them has recorded at least 50% growth in sales since.

However, there is also the Nasdaq Financial-100 is a sister index that is primarily focused on financial firms listed on NASDAQ.


Every kind of financial security comes with pros and pros and. All experts agree that it is important to consider investing in diverse security to ensure a steady return. If you’re thinking about buying stocks that are listed on NASDAQ. You can look for the inventory of items available on the internet. After that, you can make an offer through the stockbroker or via an investment brokerage site. NASDAQ offers an exciting financial market but it’s not that is without risks. But the greater the risk, the higher the potential profit! We’ll remind you that there are many other thought-provoking investment options too. You have the option of deciding how it is better to put your money into gold, real estate, or even the stock market.

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