The Beginners Guide To Understanding Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing is a virtual platform where users can store their data and then access their information via the internet using a laptop or a smartphone. Most of us are already using the cloud platform without even realizing. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, mailing services such as Gmail or social media platforms such as Facebook are actually cloud platforms.

Public can be accessed by the general public. Private clouds on the other hand can only be accessed by individuals and organizations with authorization. Hybrid clouds are a combination of both the public cloud and private cloud. In this article we will discuss the features of cloud hosting and different types of cloud hostings.

Saves Disk Space

The biggest advantage of using a cloud platform is that it eliminates the need to maintain a physical infrastructure. The host manages and maintains the hosting platform allowing the clients to focus their attention on other important internal matters of the company.

Accessible Any Time and From Any Location

Another significant feature of the cloud platform is that it is quite convenient. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your company database from any location using a computer. The ability to work remotely also allows employees to collaborate on a single project simultaneously.

Save On IT Costs

In cloud hosting the host maintains the hosting platform. This means businesses no longer have to invest in hiring IT professionals to look after their on site server. This helps businesses to save a lot of money that can be later invested in other departments such as sales and marketing.

Public Cloud

Public clouds are accessible to the general public. its are used by both private companies and governments. It is capable of handling huge amounts of data and the users do not have to worry about the maintenance of the cloud platform.

Private Cloud

A private cloud computing is quite similar to a public cloud. In a private cloud only an authorized individual or organization can access the cloud platform. The companies can also choose to have the server on site for more control.


Hybrid as the name suggests is the combination of both the public and private cloud giving users the best of the both worlds. In a hybrid environment users can provide a certain level of access to the public while enjoying some privacy as well.

How Secure is the Cloud?

Cloud storage provides protection from data theft and data leakage. However, there is always a possibility of your data being stolen since your data is stored online. On top of that you are also trusting a third party with your sensitive company information. We would recommend that you look for the right hosting provider that can be trusted with your data. Most of the hosting service providers adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that they meet the industry standards. Hosting companies also take additional measures such as encryption to protect client data.


Cloud hosting is a service which provides users access to storage space. It helps businesses to cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase hardware. On the other hand purchasing and maintaining physical infrastructure can be quite expensive. On top of that businesses can also customize their hosting plan to only pay for the services that they use. Cloud hosting offers a great deal of flexibility and reliability at an affordable price. We hope that this article helps you to gain a better understanding of cloud computing and helps you to choose a better hosting solution for your website and application.

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