The Beauty of Music

We all unanimously agree that music is a universal language and knows no barrier of caste, creed and religion. The torrent of emotions we feel when we listen to a number of tunes is something outwardly. The way it makes our heart feel, the same way as millions of others across the globe, is the beauty of music.

What is MUSIC?

M- Mood

U- Universal

S- Serene

I- Inspirational

C- Captivating

It brings together different kinds of people.

Our evergreen National Anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’ for instance makes the heart of 1.38 billion Indians – belonging to diverse regions, religions, ethnicities – resonate with pride and reverence in unison; whether it’s being played in the stadium or at the parade. 

Pop music

Pop music- peppy and easy to sing along – brings together the entire youth of the world. Famous bands like BTS (the Hallyu Wave or The K-Wave dominating the world) and One Direction and several other solo musicians have a huge fan base. 

Well, this is just about music bringing people together but there is music for every kind of music lover!

For Indian classical music with a variety of tunes and rhythms, we have Carnatic music. Its influence on the world over the decades is phenomenal. With 35 ‘Talas’ ( rhythmic patterns) and a plethora of ragas ( specific tunes based on the Saptaswaras or the seven notes), the variety available is unimaginable. 

Carnatic music is a rich legacy in India that evolved in the 12th century. It is an artistic expression that deeply connects with you spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Many Carnatic musical stalwarts such as Thyagaraja carried the tradition through the ages. Learning this beautiful piece of music and keeping the tradition alive is in itself a pride. To cope with a fast-paced life, there are many Carnatic singing lessons online. You can take up the musical course online and learn in the comfort of your home without having to commute long distances. 

Raga for every mood is the beauty of music

Do you feel immensely happy or exhilarated when you listen to Raga – Hamsadhwani, Shankarabharanam, Kalyani, Mohanam or Kamas?

Most lullabies are sung in Neelambari raga and it is soothing to our senses. 

A romantic tragedy, Chakravaham, Charukesi will help you cry buckets of tears.

A happy ending, nothing better than a Mangalam in Madhyamavati!

Start your day with music

Want a musical start to your day? Bhoopalam is the best!

Afternoon blues then Begada and Mukhari should be on your playlist.

An energetic evening awaits you with Shanmukhapriya, all-time favourite Nattai Kurinji and Vasantha. As for Carnatic the list is just never-ending.

Now, for the convenience of music enthusiasts, there are many online platforms offering to teach Indian music online. Enroll in the best music academy to learn what is prevalent in the industry from the professionals. 

If pure classical music is not your forte then you could switch to fusion. The Colonial Cousins (Hariharan and Leslie Lewis) and Agam will surely be on your favourite list.

As for pop, you have K-pop, J-pop, C-pop all kinds of pop. Jazz, R & B, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk are the other genres available. 

Our mind is a curiously funny thing. We subconsciously choose a song to vibe to based on the emotion we feel at that moment from merry to melancholy whichever it may be – this is the beauty of music.

Even in dance, it is through the lilting tunes of music sans words we convey our emotions. 

Music is truly God’s gift to mankind – one that brings us solace. 


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