The Basics of Horse Care

Taking care of a horse is a lot different than taking care of other animals. They are fun and gentle animals yet they require much care and attention to keep them healthy all year round. If you’re planning to get a horse, you need to set aside a lot of time to tend to it every day that’s why it is not a suitable pet for busy people. For newbies into horse ownership, here are some of the basic care you need to know to keep your horse happy and prolong its life.


It needs an adequate amount of roughage as its food every day. It could be fresh grass from the pasture or hay. You need to provide good quality hay to feed your horse especially if it can graze freely on the pasture. A regular horse needs about 1 to 2 kg of feed per 100 kg of its body weight. However, you need to add more if your horse is working regularly. Be careful in giving supplementary feed to your horse since some foods aren’t suitable for a horse and can make them ill. Don’t forget to provide a mineral block or salt lick in the paddock.


They drink a lot of water every day, especially on hot sunny days. It is important that they have access to fresh and clean water at all times to keep them hydrated. Although you could use buckets or tubs, they need to be refilled and checked frequently. Self-filling containers are the best since you don’t need to monitor the water inside, it refills instantly.

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Although horses have a strong body, they still need a good accessible shelter that protects them from the sun, rain, and wind. Be sure to tie them under a shade when you’re leaving them outdoors or build a walk-in stable so they could get in when seeking shelter. You could also use horse accessories such as horse rugs to keep them warm when the weather is too cold. For starters, look for great horse deals that suit what your horse needs.

Other Health Care Essentials

Aside from those basics mentioned above, there are still other essentials that need to be done when maintaining it. Their hooves should be trimmed regularly to prevent injury and keep them comfortable while moving around. A dental check is also needed at least once a year to see if they are growing too sharp and could cause mouth injuries.

Regular deworming is also necessary to ensure that it gets all the nutrition it needs from the feed it consumes. Simply follow the directions on worming pastes when treating your horse. Lastly, you should also schedule routine veterinary checks to detect health problems, get treatment, and get the essential vaccinations as well.

Keeping healthy really requires hard work. However, everything is all worth it when you see your beloved equine friend healthy and leading a happy life. So always try to follow the guidelines to keep it healthy and secure. 

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