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The Apps and Software Every Student Should Be Using and Why They’re Perfect 

Getting through your coursework seems so simple. You need to read, write, and learn a bunch of things, that’s all.

Unfortunately, the more you study, the more complex things seem. You soon realise you have many different subjects to track, styles of writing to complete, and even more to do than your timetable and to-do list can hold. Surely, there is something to help with the problem.

That’s what people pondered for centuries. And finally, they developed the computer to fix some of those problems. Now we have countless applications, programs and software to calculate complex mathematical equations, resolve all our grammar mistakes, and more.

Unfortunately, this has led to another problem in 2022. Too many apps! There are so many these days that it becomes impossible to choose what you should use.

Thankfully, our help with online dissertation uk team has the solution. We’ve done the research. And we’ve found several applications that are the perfect tools for students in the UK. Each is designed to help you reach the top of your class. So, without further delays, let’s push on and find the best ones for you:

Mobile Applications and Software

There are countless useful software and applications available on every device. But finding the ones that can really help you is the true challenge. Fortunately, we have a few that you can try to improve everything from your writing quality to your productivity. Check them out below:


The first thing on our app and software list is the most basic of tools that every student should use. Notes, of course! Taking notes is a fundamental part of the process of learning. You listen in class, make notes, and memorise important elements while you write and read the bits of the important information you note down. The only problem is taking notes can be complex.

Students have so much work these days that keeping track of everything they write is nearly impossible. You have back-to-back classes, assignment writing tasks, and sometimes even dissertations to worry about. As a result, how can you remember what you wrote, where, and when you wrote it?

That’s why we recommend Notion. It’s a note-taking app that makes the entire process easy.  But it doesn’t just let you take notes. Instead, it offers greater versatility thanks to features like managing projects, creating calendars and more.

The best part is that the Notion app is free! Students can check it out on both iOS and Android.

Office Lens

Office Lens is the next item on our hire online dissertation help uk writer help blog. It’s a little different than your usual Microsoft suite apps. But it offers a unique feature we think makes it more necessary than Word and PowerPoint.

Most students already know how to make presentations and write documents. But what about keeping track of diagrams in class? Imagine your teacher showing you a complex chart during the lecture.

How do you record it?

Do you quickly snap a picture?

Is it better to scribble it down?

Or what if you could simply scan it and turn it into a usable format?

That’s what makes Office Lens so great. Now, all you need is to snap a picture quickly. And then, the app takes care of the rest. It even automatically crops and fixes the perspective of your diagrams to make working easier.

And like the software above, the app is also free. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

Another problem that students face is keeping track of everything. Of course, most use a timetable to solve that issue. But sometimes, it isn’t enough to track everything. Timetables are sometimes only useful for remembering the big things. For instance, due dates, classes, and important events. However, they do not have enough space for students. For example, your daily tasks like meal times, workouts, and homework cannot fit into your timetable.

Instead, it’s better to use a to-do list. Such a tool allows students to break down bigger jobs into a few smaller ones. As a result, tasks become more manageable. allows users to sync everything across devices. It also provides reminders as well as the ability to share your to-do list with others. This is especially good for group projects.

The application is currently free on iOS and Android.


At some point during their academic journey, students will have to create presentations, update their resumes, and design graphics or diagrams. But it isn’t easy without the right tools. Creating presentations requires the creation of a flow and structure that most students struggle with.

But what if the processes were easier?

What if you could create professional-quality documents without any hassle?

That’s what Canva does. It allows students to:

  • Develop presentations, pitch decks, resumes and more with the flair and quality of a professional graphic designer
  • Choose from countless templates and designs and customise them to fit your needs
  • A wealth of free and open resources, including graphics, videos, pictures, and audio

In short, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do through the app.

Students can find Canva on Android and iOS and PC. However, it’s important to note the Canva app does have a premium subscription for those who want more features.


Reading is a real chore. You have to pick up a book, scan each line, interpret the meaning, and learn more about the subject too. Unfortunately, students don’t have enough time to read everything their course outlines. Most are stuck handling their classes, assignments, and academic writing tasks. So, they can’t really read every book their teacher recommends.

Therefore, our professional assignment writing team recommends using an app called Audible. It’s an audiobook service that makes it easier to get through books whether you’re on the go or at home.

Students can download the app, get their books, and have the narration play in the background while working or relaxing. Audible is a great way to listen and learn. You’ll never run out of information with their wide selection of books and literature.

You can find the Audible app on iOS, Android, and PC. It is free to use. But it does contain specific charges for some features.

A Few More Tools for Students

According to our professional assignment writing team, the apps above are the best tools for students. However, we do have a few more you may want to try. Check them out below:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Quizlet
  • Oxford Dictionary

Apps and Software for Students – the Conclusion

Great job! You now know every app and software our professional assignment writing team recommends. We hope you find each one above interesting and useful because they’re designed to benefit different aspects of student life. So, be sure to use them well to grow, learn, and score better grades.

Of course, these aren’t the only tools students should use. Instead, we encourage you to try as many as you can to cover the most ground while you study. Some apps and software save time. Others improve your productivity. But in the end, they’re tools to aid you with your journey. So, use the technology well.

And if you still struggle, don’t panic. There is one more online tool you can use. Head here and check it out.

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