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The 9 Basic Essentials for Your Makeup Wardrobe

The 9 Basic Essentials for Your Makeup Wardrobe

No matter your age, or profession, it’s always important to look your best. It is especially true when it comes to your appearance in the workplace. One of the most important aspects of looking polished and pulled together is having a good makeup wardrobe. The best makeup wardrobes are full of versatile products and the essentials that every woman should have. This blog post will discuss the essentials for every woman’s makeup wardrobe. These are the products you should have on hand to create any look you desire!


Big and open pores can be a huge distraction and make your makeup look cakey on. A primer is a perfect solution to this problem! It helps to fill in your pores, creates a smooth canvas for your foundation, and will help your makeup last all day long. Applying foundation without a primer is like building a house on the sand–it’s just not going to stay up for long. It minimizes the pores, making skin smooth. It also extends the wear of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and other makeup by hours. Use a primer that is suited for your skin type. If you have oily skin, use an oil-free primer. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing primer. There are also primers available for combination skin types. With CouponGot coupons, you can get a great deal on primers from your favorite brands.


Many women wear concealer under their foundation to cover up dark circles, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. A good concealer will match your skin tone perfectly and provide medium to full coverage. Choose a suitable shade of concealer for your specific needs. For example, if you have dark circles under your eyes, you’ll want to use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Concealers are available in both cream and liquid form. Cream concealers are thicker and provide more coverage than liquid concealers. However, they can be a bit more difficult to blend.


Foundation is a key part of any makeup look. It provides even skin coverage, covers blemishes and other imperfections, and gives your face a smooth finish. There are many different foundation types available, including liquid, powder, and mineral foundation. A good foundation is a key to achieving an airbrushed, flawless complexion. It should match your skin tone perfectly and provide medium-to-full coverage. If you have oily skin, look for an oil-free foundation; if you have dry skin, look for a moisturizing foundation. There are also foundations available for specific skin concerns, such as acne-prone skin or rosacea. Don’t forget to use an coupon at checkout to get a substantial discount on a wide selection of foundations.


Bronzer is a key product for contouring the face. It is a must-have for creating a sun-kissed look. It can add definition to the cheeks, nose, and jawline or create the illusion of a more tanned complexion. A light bronze shade is usually best for most skin tones. Choose a bronzer that’s one or two shades darker than your skin tone. A light brown or golden shade is perfect for contouring the face. When choosing a bronzer, make sure to avoid any that have too much shimmer. Shimmer can create an orange or muddy effect on the skin.

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

The perfect nude eyeshadow palette should have a range of light to dark shades, as well as matte and shimmer finishes. The lightest or neutral shade can be used as a brow bone highlighter, while the darkest shade can create a smokey eye look. A good nude eyeshadow palette should also include everyday wearable shades that complement all eye colors. It is the perfect go-to eyeshadow palette for creating a simple and polished look.

Cream Blush

Blush is a must-have in any makeup wardrobe. It gives your face a healthy flush of color and can be used to brighten up the complexion. There are many different types of blush available, including powder, cream, and gel blushes. Cream or liquid blushes look more natural than powders, so they’re a good choice for beginners. A peachy or pink shade is a good option for most skin tones. Stick blushes are also good for beginners because they are easy to apply and hard to overdo. Moreover, they give a natural and dewy finish.

Black Mascara

A good black mascara is essential for adding definition and volume to the lashes. Look for a mascara with a volumizing formula, as it will help create thicker-looking lashes. For added drama, try a waterproof mascara that will hold a curl all day long. A thick, long-lasting mascara is a must-have for any makeup wardrobe. Also, go for a waterproof one, so you don’t cry your makeup off. For best results, use a lash curler before applying mascara.


Eyeliner is another essential makeup item that can enhance the eyes. There are so many different types of liners on the market, from liquid to pencil to gel formulations, so it’s important to find one that works best for you. If you have smaller or round eyes, go for a thin eyeliner line. If you have bigger eyes, you can experiment with different thicknesses and styles. You can also choose silver or blue liner for a pop of color.

Lash Curler

A lash curler is a must for creating big, beautiful lashes. Curling your lashes open up your eyes and make them look more awake. It also gives a dramatic and volumizing effect to your lashes. It also helps to curl them before applying a lengthening mascara.

Brow Powder

Defined eyebrows are key to framing your face. A good brow powder can help you create the perfect shape and definition for your eyebrows. Find a color that matches your hair color or is one shade lighter than your hair color. It is also important to make sure the powder is finely-milled not to look harsh or overdone.

Lip Tint

A pinkish lip tint is a great way to achieve that natural, dewy look. It also gives your lips a subtle color and helps them to look fuller. Lip tints are also long-lasting and won’t smudge or smear as lipsticks can. Use a lip brush to apply the tint for a more precise application. It also gives a natural and fuller look to your lips.

Setting Spray

Makeup is incomplete without a makeup setting spray. A good setting spray will help keep your makeup in place all day long. It will also help to prevent your makeup from fading or creasing. Choose a setting spray that is light and non-sticky and one that doesn’t contain any alcohol. It is also important to choose a setting spray suited for your skin type.

On a Final Note

The above are the nine essentials for your makeup wardrobe. These essentials will help you to create a natural and everyday look. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different products and shades to find what works best for you. The final step is adding in some fun and experimenting with new shades and products! Read more such articles at Itezine site.


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