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The 8 benefits of swimming for body and mind

Being an aerobic exercise, swimming is one of the most complete sports with lifeguard certification near me that exist, involving up to two thirds of the body’s muscles.

Practicing swimming can bring us endless benefits both mentally and physically. Being a low intensity aerobic exercise, it is one of the most complete sports that exist. And it is not for less, since up to two thirds of the body’s muscles are involved in it and capacities such as flexibility, strength or resistance, among many others, are enhanced.

As if that were not enough, swimming can be practiced at any age since we can see its fruits in our body both in the medium and long term. In fact, it is totally adaptable for both beginners and experts, and we can enjoy it in all fields: from swimming pools to open water.

Now that the high temperatures have arrived, swimming is rising as one of the activities that attracts the most attention. And if you are thinking of starting a much more fit life and you still don’t know which sport to opt for this summer, swimming could be your solution. And it is that in addition to being beneficial for practically the entire body, practicing it can be much lighter than any other type of physical exercise. Do you want to know the great advantages that swimming will bring you? We tell you.

Swimming benefits:

Helps burn fat

Although it can be practiced at various intensities, if we swim correctly, we will be burning between 500 and 600 calories per hour. Without a doubt, it is the ideal and routine sport for those who want to lose weight.

It gives us greater flexibility and elasticity

As we have said before, swimming makes us use a large part of the muscles of our body, located both in the upper and lower trains, in the trunk and even in the head. This causes the joints to become more flexible and the muscles to tone up, especially those located in the back. For this reason, it is totally recommended for those who suffer from hernias, hip problems, low back pain or scoliosis

Fight chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or cholesterol

Swimming is a low-intensity aerobic exercise, so it usually takes place over longer periods of time. This lowers blood cholesterol levels and increases sensitivity to insulin, thus lowering blood glucose

Low impact on bones and joints

Unlike in other sports in which the body receives the impact of the asphalt or other hard surfaces, in swimming the body is submerged in the water and due to the principle of buoyancy it seems that it “weighs less”, which makes the joints wear less, are better preserved and there are fewer risks of injury.

Improves our respiratory system

To fully enjoy swimming as a sport and its benefits, we will first have to learn to breathe correctly. In addition, with each stroke and with each breath we will be favoring the respiratory system and increasing our lung capacity without even realizing it.

Provides cardiorespiratory benefits

This sport improves oxygen consumption by up to 10% and makes the heart pump blood up to 18% more. Both factors make the circulation of blood through the body much better and lower the heart rate. In addition, being a respiratory exercise will also increase cardiorespiratory resistance with it.

It is good for the neurons and for the cognitive system

When we swim, we are activating the two cerebral hemispheres and the four lobes, which leads to greater cognition. Neuronal links also occur while we practice swimming and a greater activation of the brain, since it receives more oxygen.

It favor’s our psychology

When we dive into the water, we focus solely on breathing, which causes an instant feeling of relaxation in our body, reducing the feeling of stress and improving symptoms of depression. In addition, the practice of this sport causes the release of endorphins, substances that enhance a positive attitude and cause a feeling of well-being and release of tension in the person.

Another option in the water: Aqua gym

There is no doubt that deciding to jump into the water and take a dip can bring great benefits to our lives. But if swimming doesn’t completely convince you, there are other sports similar to swimming that you can also practice in the water and that are the order of the day.

One of them is Aqua gym. Practiced in swimming pools and sports centers in various corners of our country, this sport is spreading at great speed and is already known as aquatic fitness. It is the closest thing to aerobics, but in this case in a very special environment, since it must be practiced in an aquatic environment. In addition to having the benefits mentioned above, it is ideal for the elderly, pregnant women or people who are overweight or who lack much physical form. Perhaps this is the best (and most fun) option before you start swimming.

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