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The 3 Best E-bikes in 2022!

The 3 Best E-bikes in 2022. E-bikes have been growing in popularity since their introduction 20 years ago. People are looking for healthier ways to commute and ditch their cars. These power-assisted bikes are lighter and have a greater range thanks to improvements in battery technology. The motors and batteries have been made smaller to allow them to fit in sleeker frames. This makes e-bike technology more suitable for commuter bikes, as well as road and mountain bikes.

Ebikes were once primarily intended for commuters but are now used in all disciplines of cycling. E-mountain bikes like the Giant Trance, Trek Powerfly, and Canyon Spectral offer mountain bikers the ability to travel further into the woods, while e-racing bikes like the Trek Domane+ LT enable road cyclists to keep up to the more experienced riders. Ebikes can be produced by major manufacturers like Trek, Specialized, and Giant as well as boutique companies such as Gazelle and Batch.

There are so many brands and types of electric bikes available, it can be overwhelming to shop for one. This guide will help you make the process simpler by highlighting the key features to consider when shopping for an electric bike, as well as reviewing the best models currently on the market.

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How we picked the Best Ebikes


In evaluating dozens of e-bikes, I considered many different criteria. The battery and motor are key factors in the decision-making process, as e-bikes provide power that allows riders to travel further than on traditional bikes. We chose the right batteries for our e-bike. We chose bikes with ranges between 400- and 670-Wh (watt-hours) for commuter, road, mountain, and mountain bikes.

We did not consider price as a major factor in our decision-making process, but we did look at bikes that provided the most bang for your buck. We preferred bikes with added features such as shock absorption, integrated lighting to night ride, racks for storage, and fenders to protect clothes. When weighing the cost of e-bikes, we also considered lighter carbon frames and heavier aluminum alloy frames.

Our selections were also influenced by aesthetics. We favored slim models with hidden motors and batteries, with the exception of two budget-priced choices.

Review and recommendations for the Best Ebikes

Trek Allant Plus 9.9S

Trek is a leader in technological innovation for any man-powered vehicle on two wheels. It is no surprise that Trek has created one of the most popular e-bikes.

The Allant hits all the right notes for Trek. The Allant offers a lot of range, which is crucial for an e-bike. The Allant’s 625-Wh battery is almost invisible in its downtube and provides plenty of range. If that’s not enough, the Allant can also piggyback another 500-Wh battery to extend its range by well over 100 miles. The Allant is the perfect choice for anyone looking to replace their car with an electric bike.

Trek bikes are well-known for their stunning silhouettes. The Allant is no exception. It has curving lines that hide the battery and a matte finish that gives it an edge.

The Allant’s display has the required battery life and speed data as all e-bikes. However, you can also add GPS navigation and trip data to the Bosch app by adding a smartphone to your handlebars.

Aventon Level

Ebikes can be expensive, with the most expensive models costing well above $5,000. Aventon’s Level is an exception. It’s an affordable e-bike that costs less than $2,000 The Level may not have all the bells, whistles, and features of higher-priced models but it is still a great value.

It is similar to other commuter bikes. It features an upright frame geometry, fenders to protect the rider from dirt and water, a rear cargo shelf for small bags, and a large, comfortable saddle. The Level is a reserved bike with dark grey metallic paint and subtle graphics that will go well with any work outfit.

This e-bike is a striking design despite its modest appearance. It houses a 672-Wh lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the downtube. It is classified 3 which means that it can pedal-assisted travel at a maximum speed of 28 m.p.h. You can reach a maximum speed of 20 MPH with throttle control. This bike can be pedaled, making it ideal for commuters with frequent stops at traffic lights and steep climbs.

The Suntour front fork, which is 2.2 inches wide, and the Kenda tires are 2.2 inches in diameter, smoothen the ride and absorb shock from bumps and cracks. Simple controls let you switch between five power assist options to maximize your battery life or assistance. The eco setting of the Level provides pedal assistance at speeds up to 13 mph. It has a range of approximately 60 miles. The Turbo setting, which provides the most pedal assistance, has a range of approximately 25 miles. Aventon’s Level is a great deal because of its large battery, high top speed, and many other features.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

E-mountain bikes have power-assist motors that allow you to climb higher and go farther than you could with a standard mountain bike. However, you must ensure the battery has enough range to return you to your home. It is not a good idea to be left stranded in the woods with an unreliable 50-pound mountain bike and a dead power source because you pushed it too far.

Specialized Men’s Turbo Levo Comp’s 700-Wh lithium battery is industry-leading and offers 40% more runtime than most e-mountain bike batteries. Although you may think that the larger battery will add weight and bulk to your bike, it is not. The Turbo Levo’s battery blends seamlessly with the down tube, making it look like any other non-electric mountain bike.

The Turbo Levo has controls that will keep you safe from becoming stranded. It also offers a longer range. Smart Control technology acts as a governor and limits the motor’s power to ensure that the rider is able to set the ride length. A Shuttle Mode makes climbing easier and provides maximum output for long ascents.

Mountain bikes require careful handling. The 150mm of travel (how far a fork compresses) of the rear and front forks provides enough shock absorption to help the rider stay in control, despite being 20 pounds heavier than a standard mountain bicycle. The Turbo Levo is equipped with e-bike-specific components. It also has a Shimano 11 speed drivetrain, which provides a wide range of gears for climbing or descending. The e-bike’s dropper seat post allows riders to adjust the height of the seat to climb for more efficient pedaling, or to lower it to descend. The Turbo Levo’s extensive range and additional features make it our favorite electric mountain bike.

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