The 04 best browser shooter games

The following are the 04 best browser shooter games


A representative of the genre of tactical shooters , somewhat reminiscent of Counter Strike, something like Rainbow Six, except perhaps with a graphics level lower by several orders of magnitude. But you can play it absolutely free. Extensive maps are represented by various industrial zones, wastelands and other similar places, and with minimal detail, so you can run this browser-based 3D shooter even on the weakest PCs.

The weapons in the game are standard (real-life pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.), and there are only two factions: SWAT and Militia, and there seem to be no plot-based differences between them. Despite this, the gameplay of BeGone is very good. The developer put realism at the head of the whole process, therefore, the behavior of the weapon when firing, the damage system, and other elements turned out to be very believable. Not the best of the free FPS for browsers, but for fans of games in the spirit of Counter Strike, it will suit perfectly.


Cubezumie 3D is a shooter, as if created by the developers of Minecraft . There are indeed similarities, but they are expressed only in cubic game locations. All other mechanics in the game are unique and offer a new gaming experience for both Minecraft lovers and those who just want to take a break from work.

The player will have to customize his character (there are many costumes and masks) and go to fight the walking dead along with other players. A huge number of guns, explosives – zombies should definitely be feared! True, will this power be enough against strong bosses?

Plus, there are elements of construction , and the map in the game is destructible. In addition to the cooperative mode, there is also a multiplayer racing games unblocked mode (for himself, team battle, domination, and so on).


From what is happening on the screen after the launch of Dinostorm, the user will come to his senses for a long time! This is a free 3D game in which the player will assume the role of a cowboy riding a dinosaur . Events take place during the gold rush, and everyone wants to grab a tidbit. Huge reptiles are not all the “means” used in the race . The gamer will also be able to use laser weapons…

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Moreover, Dinostorm does not slip into outright absurdity – this is an excellent, humorous MMO in which the player can complete tasks, fight robbers and dinosaurs, and also interact with other users. “Pets” can be grown, and weapons can be upgraded. It’s hard to believe, but all this is available right in the browser.


Third-person shooter with cartoonish graphics. From the very beginning, you are thrown into the thick of battles against other players and aliens . In the arsenal you will find various firearms, but at the start you will have only one gun. Others can be purchased with in-game currency earned on the battlefields.

An excellent game with spacious locations, the ability to control vehicles and massive battles in which teamwork is important. 3d racing games unblocked fans will especially like it .

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