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Th best sghits of Morocco

Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is Africa’s most visited country. It’s not a coincidence! It enthralled us with its cultural fusions and stunning architecture. It’s impossible not to stop at every turn to picture the people’s daily lives.

Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, and Rabat, the country’s four imperial cities, charmed us. They are a must-see on every vacation to Morocco.

Although it is fairly simple to pass the time. You may spend hours just going through one of its souks. Things will be difficult for you if you want to bring a souvenir home but don’t have enough room in your suitcase. Its rugs, lamps, and other handicrafts drive one insane.

The best sights to visit in Morocco

Skoura, the town of a thousand kasbahs and a palm grove:

If you have been fascinated by the Kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou, we have good news. Nearby is Skoura, known as the town of a thousand kasbahs.

In the 12th century, a sultan ordered the creation of an oasis with some 700,000 palm trees. They are still there, not as well cared for and majestic as centuries ago. But hundreds of buildings made of mud and adobe from the 19th century are hidden in this enormous palm grove.

We do not know if there are a thousand, but the truth is that this place deserves a visit. Many of the kasbahs are still inhabited, while others serve as restaurants or hotels.

Yes, you can stay inside a renovated kasbah, a unique experience. Morocco private desert tours are your way to discover the country.

Essaouira MoroccoOurika Valley is a place with a traditional soul to see in Morocco

This valley is in the heart of the country and is ideal for seeing its most natural and traditional side. The tourist center of the area is the town of Setti-Fatma since from there you leave to visit the seven waterfalls of Ourika.

All but one require complicated walks in the company of a guide to reaching them, but they are well worth the effort.

In addition to a rocky landscape with waterfalls and some green areas, you will find many traditional markets in the Ourika Valley.

Sahara desert, a wonderful place to see in Morocco

No trip to Morocco is completely complete without having set foot in the desert. Two or three-day excursions are departing from Marrakech or Fez.

We did a three-day desert tour and can only recommend it. The feeling of freedom that comes from walking through the dunes at dusk and sleeping in a haima in the middle of the desert is indescribable. It was the best of the trip ­čÖé

Todra Gorges, the Moroccan Grand Canyon

Impressive 100-meter-high cliffs flank the Todra River canyon. These cliffs attract plenty of adventurous travelers who climb the rocks. But it is enough to walk along the riverbank and be surrounded by that reddish landscape to be shocked.

Also, on the way to the canyon, you will pass through the Todra valley, with a different landscape. It is full of palm groves and towns with traditional adobe buildings.

Dades Gorges, a typically Moroccan arid landscape

Another impressive landscape to see in Morocco are the Dades Gorges, with great views of the High Atlas. In the valley, the traditional houses merge with the desert landscape.

But the most impressive thing is the winding road that crosses the cliff, not suitable for those who get sick in the car!

Fez, the religious and cultural capital of the country

If you think you have a good sense of direction, you have to visit Fez to put it to the test. Its labyrinthine medina has almost 10,000 alleys with a lot of history. The oldest university in the world is located there: al-Qaraiyyin.

Nor can we forget its famous Boujloud gate, which welcomes the medina with thousands of tiles. You will surely enjoy getting lost in the narrow streets of the religious and cultural capital of Morocco.

For us, it is another essential city to see in Morocco. It has nothing to do with Marrakech, so go ahead and compare them yourself

As in Marrakech, we recommend staying in a riad for a more authentic experience. We tell you the best neighborhoods to look for accommodation.

We chose the Riad Batchisarai, restored with an excellent taste and with a delicious treatment by the owner. The views of Fez from the terrace are a plus. You will also have a golden opportunity to taste Moroccan gastronomy in these delicious and cheap restaurants.

Ifrane, the Switzerland of Morocco

Ifrane is a very curious place to see in Morocco for its appearance of a European town. It’s even referred to as Moroccan Switzerland.

It was created in the 1930s as a luxury vacation destination, especially in winter during the ski season. Its alpine-style houses, lakes, and parks make you forget that you are in Morocco. There is even the exclusive Al-Akhawayn University, where only the wealthiest study.

The most common way to visit Ifrane is to book an excursion from Fez. For a well-rounded day, you will also visit the traditional cave village of Bhalil, the cedar forest of Azrou, and the Sefrou waterfalls.

Chefchaouen, is the most original city to see in Morocco

Chefchaouen is one of the places to see in Morocco that has gained the most popularity because of Instagram. It is known as the blue pearl, as its entire medina is covered in blue paint.

There are many beautiful corners to see in Chefchaouen. The most common is to arrive from Fez. Its fairytale streets are inhabited by dozens of very cute cats, we wanted to take them all home!

Having become such a tourist destination, there are many souvenir shops and riads where you can sleep.Chefchaouen in Morocco

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