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Ten Best Free Tools to Upload Big Files Instantly

Nowadays, there are countless ways to upload or share files instantly using best free tools. Cloud applications, direct transfer, or messaging applications are some of them. But when you want to send a large or heavy file, the options are limited.

To choose a file transfer tool, one must determine its needs in terms of the maximum size limit, storage space, number of attachments, compression, encryption, transfer speed, and file format. Most of the tools are premium, with paid procedures. The size limits for the free versions are generally around 2 GB, and they oscillate between 20 GB and 100 GB (even sometimes unlimited) for the paid plans. The majority of software does not require any registration and does not require a download. Files go through a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.). Paid versions of some file upload and sending services also allow you to have priority on the server when transferring your files.

To send large files from your computer, laptop, or cell phone, you can choose several applications. In this blog, we will tell you about the ten best free file uploading and sharing tools to upload and send large files free of cost.

Let’s talk about ten of the best free file transferring tools.


One of the best and most secure websites, with ISO 27001 certified servers and data center, SendBig offers 30GB of file sharing for free. In addition, SendBig has a lot of useful features like password protection, set the expiry date between 1 day and 30 days, defer email sending up to 3 days, get notified by email when download of files occurs, set the maximum number of downloads allowed per transfer…

SendBig has 2 unique features:

  • MAX that offers an expiry date up to 2 years,
  • Snap where files get self-destructed when downloaded


This application only takes a few clicks to send your photos, videos, music, documents, or any type of large file up to 2 GB in the free version and up to 20 GB in the premium version. Just select the files or folder you want to share. You can also personalize each delivery and use each file transfer to promote your brand, add your photo and a personalized logo, and link to your website, Facebook page, Instagram, or others.


It is undoubtedly one of the best known. It allows you to send files of up to 2 Gbytes utterly free of charge (up to 200 GB, if we opt for the paid version). Easy, automatic, and available in several languages, it is one of the most popular solutions for big files upload.


A simple, fast, and secure way to transfer up to 5 Gb of data to 15 people at the same time. This service is capable of encrypting the data that we upload automatically, guaranteeing the confidentiality of our information until it reaches the recipient. Your paid account allows you to store up to 100 Gb and send links with files up to 2 Gb.


A strong with outstanding performance, upload large and heavy files with no sizes limitations, real-time download tracking, ability to preview files, and password protection with the free account. If your want more, for 5 euros per month, your files will be available for a whole year (instead of 14 days), and you will have access to complete reports.


A solution that combines a P2P system with cloud storage to send files without limits. If it is less than 10 Gbytes, it will work as a traditional system while, if it exceeds that number, it is distributed through clients in a similar way to that of a Torrent file. Very powerful, but maybe a bit complex for beginners.


Another powerful alternative with the only drawback is that it requires registration, even if you only want to use the free version. It allows you to send files of any size that will be available for download for three days, encrypted with military security protocols.


This Spanish development is very easy to use, does not require registration, and allows you to send up to 50 files at a time that occupies a total of 5 Gbytes. There is no information about the encryption system they use, although they clarify that they comply with the LOPD.


A clone of WeTransfer with which it shares many of its features. Its limitations only allow you to attach five files per load and keep them for ten days. AES 256 bit encryption is reserved for premium accounts.


DropSend’s free account allows you to send up to five 4Gbyte files per month. The communication is secure, and, in addition to the link, it can be sent directly to the email address of whoever you want.


If you are interested in privacy, Volafile can help you: this solution prioritizes the anonymity of sharing any file, so it will not ask you for any personal data. There are no payment plans or contact with the user. Through a private chat room, you can send people to share files of up to 20 Gbytes. Everything automatically disappears after two days.

More alternatives and resources

Although we wanted to focus the article on services dedicated exclusively to sending or uploading heavy and oversized files, it is worth remembering that there are other alternatives. The most obvious are cloud storage solutions, such as Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, among many others; just upload the files if you have enough capacity and use the sharing options.

Of course, there is always the possibility of using a server (or our own PC) to share files via FTP or using some P2P protocol, but they are not included in the list as they are somewhat more complex and not as direct as the “drag and drop” philosophy. Share» of specialized tools.

Finally, we would like to remind you that Telegram, our favorite messaging solution and the one that our team uses daily, also allows us to send files of up to 1.5 Gbytes—a fantastic way to share large amounts of data almost immediately. We encourage you to suggest more valuable tools in the comment box, your feedback is most important for us, and we read your comments. What do you use to share and upload large files on the Internet?

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