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Symptoms of COVID 19 delta variant

Symptoms of COVID 19 delta variant The delta variant is rapidly spreading across the country, but it may not manifest itself as many expect. CHARLOTTE, N.C. —The highly contagious delta COVID-19 variant is one of the fastest spreading variants, but it may also be one of the more difficult to diagnose, according to doctors.

This is due to the fact that the delta symptoms do not correspond to the most common COVID-19 symptoms.

According to Dr. David Priest, an infectious disease specialist with Novant Health, while the loss of taste and smell was the most obvious sign of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, many people who became ill with delta had more vague symptoms, such as a runny nose or sore throat.

Diagnosis is more difficult now because symptoms overlap with another respiratory virus, associate health check Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which is on the rise, and it could become even more complicated in the fall when colds and flu enter the mix more frequently.

Symptoms of COVID 19 delta variant

This virus binds to all these cells more efficiently, then joins them, and may, in some ways, elude the immune system more effectively,” Priest explained, noting that this distinction makes it more more contagious and more likely to cause harm in communities with lower vaccination rates.

Because of the overlap in symptoms between viruses, doctors will have to be extra cautious in identifying COVID-19 cases, according to Priest.

“Clinicians will have to think about that “They need to differentiate these viruses and make sure it’s not COVID because there will be a lot of things percolating in the group,” Priest explained.

He stressed the importance of continuing to get tested for COVID-19 if you have any of the symptoms, even if it feels like a mild cold.

According to some misleading online claims, data from the United Kingdom shows that people who have been fully vaccinated are more likely to die from the highly contagious delta variant than people who have not received the vaccine. Dr. Jane Kelly, an assistant state epidemiologist with South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control, believes that any conclusions drawn from the data that vaccinated people are more likely to die are based on flawed logic.

” It’s quoting numbers out of context and failing to recognise that a certain number of people, even if fully vaccinated, will inevitably contract COVID home depot associate health check and suffer a negative outcome,” Kelly explained.

The coronavirus causes a wide range of symptoms, according to the CDC:

  • Goose bumps or fever
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulties or shortness of breath
  • Brain fog
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New aversion to taste or smell
  • Throat discomfort
  • Runny nose or congestion
  • Vomiting or upset stomach
  • Food poisoning

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Priest reminds: The longer people wait to get vaccinated, the more likely the virus will mutate again, according to Priest. Hospitalizations may increase in areas with lower vaccination rates.

As the delta virus spreads across the country, some health experts believe it may pose a threat to reopening plans. According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates, the variant of concern increased from 3% to 30% of new cases nationwide over the course of a month.

The World Health Organization’s top officials have warned that the United States may be moving too quickly and losing control.

Remember last summer, when everything seemed to be going well, and then everyone really relaxed, and then we arrived in September and October and found ourselves in big trouble?”

“I think that’s where we’re going again with a much more viral variant this time,” said Mike Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program

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